Teachers Unions

Speech-Language Pathologists belong to the teachers' union that represents them during contract negotiations.  In order to effect some changes in those districts, the union negotiators must get language included in the teacher's contract.

How do you work with your union to negotiate change?  Several key points should be considered when approaching your union for help:

  • Get involved in the union
  • Meet with the leadership
  • Serve on a committee
  • Run for office
  • Know the system and players
  • Building site level
  • District/Central Office level
  • State and federal level
  • Understand your local contract
  • Understand the decision making process

You need to work with the union to explore the issue, focusing on interests rather than personalities. Determine alternative solutions you can live with if you cannot achieve an agreement and be prepared to listen to the needs and demands of the union.  Finally, develop your strategy, rally your allies and use data to support your position.

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