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33 of the Best Tongue Twisters for Kids
ASHA Director of Clinical Issues in Speech-Language Pathology Diane Paul shared with Reader's Digest some background in how wordplay like tongue twisters help children develop language.

The Challenges of Remote Learning for Children Who Stutter
Speech-language pathologists spoke with The New York Times to offer expert advice on how to help children who stutter in a virtual learning environment.

Milestones & More: ASHA Campaign Partners With Texting Service for Parents and Caregivers

ASHA's Identify the Signs campaign is joining forces with Bright by Text, a free text messaging service that delivers relevant and high-quality information to families to help them foster their child’s healthy growth, based on the child's exact age and developmental stage (covering prenatal to age 8). Parents/caregivers as well as prospective parents can sign up by texting BRIGHT to 274448.


Campaign Spotlight

ICP Hearing Care

The International Communication Project (ICP) is an advocate for those with communication disabilities, as well as their families, caregivers and communication professionals. The ICP highlights the importance of human communication and how communication disabilities significantly impact every aspect of life. More Campaigns

Featured Resource

Tech Wise Baby

Be Tech Wise With Baby!

Since technology overuse can be harmful to children’s health and development, this free resource for prospective and new parents encourages healthy screen-time habits from day 1 to allow babies to thrive. Developed by the American Speech-Language-Hearing Association and Children’s Screen Time Action Network, Be Tech Wise With Baby! is well suited for pediatrician, OBGYN, other medical offices and outpatient therapy clinics; libraries; day care centers; and all other settings that provide information for new parents and caregivers.


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