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Why Do Babies Say Dada First?
ASHA Senior Director of Clinical Issues in Speech-Language Pathology Diane Paul and ASHA member Stephanie Cohen were quoted in a article about babies saying "dada" and "mama."

6 Surprising Things That Can Damage Your Hearing
ASHA Senior Director of Audiology Practices Tricia Ashby and ASHA member Amy Sarow were quoted a SELF article about various possible threats to hearing.

ASHA’s Developmental Milestones: Communication (Hearing, Speech, and Language)

Lemmietta McNeilly, PhD, CCC-SLP, ASHA Chief Staff Officer for Speech-Language Pathology, shares important information about ASHA’s new communication milestones and how they should be used by families.


Campaign Spotlight

National Speech-Language-Hearing Month

Each May, National Speech-Language-Hearing Month provides an opportunity to raise awareness about communication disorders and the role of ASHA members in providing life-altering treatment.

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ASHA's new developmental milestones are available in checklists that detail communication (speech, language, and hearing) milestones for children ages birth to 5 years as well as feeding and swallowing milestones for children ages birth to 3 years. 


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