Salary and Compensation for SLPs in Schools

Salary, benefits, and other compensation are key factors in any job search. Whether you're a job seeker or well into your career as a school-based SLP, there's a lot to know about maximizing your salary and benefits. This page provides information and tools to help you succeed. 

Getting Started

As you begin your journey in the school setting, here are some terms and definitions to know about salary, contracts, and employment. 

When applying for a position, it is important to show the value of your training and expertise. These tips to navigate the job search will help you to highlight your experience and skillsets when writing your resume and interviewing. 

Most speech-language pathologists work directly for a school district, while others work through contract companies or as independent contractors. Here are some questions to ask when considering which employer is best for you.     

Increasing Salary and Compensation

ASHA advocates for competitive and equitable compensation for speech-language pathologists, educational audiologists, and speech-language pathology assistants working in schools for the important and life-changing work that they do. See ASHA's Public Policy Agenda as well as the Take Action Issue Brief: Ensure Full Funding for the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act [PDF].

Salary Supplements

A salary supplement is a stipend, bonus, or other typic of salary upgrade to recruit, support, and retain educational audiologists and school-based SLPs.

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