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Since 2004, TIMS Medical has been dedicated to providing innovative medical imaging solutions designed to improve patient outcomes and help hospitals reduce inefficiencies and increase productivity. TIMS Medical is committed to the ongoing support of the Speech-Language Pathology community by providing innovative solutions for MBSS and FEES, including our newly released TIMS MVP 5.0 software, which includes tools for recording, reviewing, analyzing, and archiving. 

With more than 6,000 installations worldwide, the TIMS System provides the standard of care for clinical applications and is used extensively in research and clinical settings.

TIMS Medical MVP 5.0 Software


Recording and Archiving

TIMS MVP records studies at the maximum resolution of your fluoroscope or endoscope, with speeds up to 30 frames per second with synchronized audio. Without altering image quality, TIMS MVP compresses completed studies and archives the recordings in PACS/VNA. This process increased interdisciplinary and patient access to the information. 

Eliminate the Risk of HIPAA Violations

By eliminating removable media such as USB and DVD devices with the use of TIMS MVP, the risk of HIPAA violations is eliminated. Studies are archived in a PACS or VNA instead of a filing cabinet.


TIMS MVP 5.0 is compatible with any fluoroscope and any endoscope! Regardless of what equipment you're currently using or wish to use in the future, TIMS MVP 5.0 can provide your team with advanced solutions for recording, editing, analyzing, and archiving your MBSS and FEES studies. 

To date, SLPs are using TIMS MVP worldwide for FEES with scopes from Olympus, Ambu, Karl Storz, JEDMED, ATMOS, PatCom, Optim, Pentax, and more. TIMS MVP can be found in radiology suites worldwide in conjunction with fluoroscopic equipment from Philips, Shimadzu, GE, Siemens, and more.

TIMS Review Workflow

Included with every TIMS MVP system, TIMS Review allows studies to be edited and reviewed in the SLP office instead of a busy fluoro suite or at the FEES cart. The feature-rich toolset provides SLPs with everything they need to determine the presence and severity of dysphagia and to create individualized care plans.

Time Savings and Improved Patient Outcomes

In a recent survey of more than 5,000 SLPs using TIMS MVP, participants reported that the software and TIMS Review workflow process is saving an average of 15 minutes per MBSS/FEES and have positively impacted their dysphagia programs.

Learn more about TIMS MVP at: www.tims.com.

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