ASHA Corporate Sponsorship Frequently Asked Questions

ASHA's Corporate Sponsorship Policy: The ASHA corporate sponsorship program offers companies brand visibility opportunities at ASHA's in-person events and online conferences throughout the year. Sponsorship visibility is only offered to companies for programming not offered for continuing education credits.

Online conference sponsors exhibit in an online exhibit hall, which is separate from the educational programming, and do not contribute to educational programming. View the full sponsorship policy.

What is the difference between advertising and a corporate sponsorship?

  • Advertising is a call to action. It's calling something (product or service or recruitment) to the attention of the public to help sell a product or to make an announcement. Advertising is sold in ASHA's print and online publications, such as the ASHA Leader, the ASHA e-newsletters, ASHA Community, ASHAWire, and on the website,
  • Sponsorship is a heightened branding opportunity offered to companies or organizations that exhibit at ASHA's online or in-person conferences or events in order to augment their exposure. Sponsorship increases the visibility of a company on the expo floor, through:
    • Visibility opportunities (signage, footprints, digital billboards, logo placement, bag inserts, etc.)
    • Interactive opportunities to increase booth traffic (passport game, tweet-up, gaming areas, portrait gallery)
    • Non-CEU event gatherings or programming (Opening Session, ASHA Awards Ceremony, lunches, receptions, coffee breaks, NSSLHA events)

Do corporate sponsorship dollars help reduce our member dues?

Sponsorship (and advertising) is a source of non-dues revenue that enables ASHA to provide more programs, services and opportunities for members. ASHA has a number of other non-dues revenue sources such as the fees members pay for the CE Registry or continuing education programs, etc. – but relatively few (advertising, mailing lists, sponsorship) that are not paid by members. Overall, non-dues revenue accounts for approximately 35% of ASHA's operating revenue from non-dues sources.

Can ASHA Continuing Education programming be offered for corporate sponsorship?

Programming that is offered to ASHA members for ASHA continuing education credit (CEU's) is not offered for corporate sponsorship, in accordance with ASHA's Continuing Education Board's policies.

Is there transparency being offered to attendees regarding the corporate sponsorship program and the sponsors' role in programming not offered for ASHA CEUs at ASHA's events?

Yes. ASHA's sponsorship team makes disclaimer language available to all attendees participating in programming that is supported by a corporate sponsor. The language states: "ASHA thanks our sponsors. Corporate sponsors are not responsible for the content of this meeting nor does ASHA endorse their products or services."

Do corporate sponsors pay the bill directly for programming not offered for ASHA CEUs (or for products being sponsored, such as the bags, lanyards, etc.)?

No. Corporate sponsorship visibility opportunities are paid for by the sponsor and the revenue is sent directly to ASHA. The sponsorship dollars are used by ASHA to offset expenses incurred in the planning of the programming (or product acquisition), or to enhance a program offering. The expenses include, but are not limited to, room costs, AV, or food offerings.

Can more than one company sponsor an opportunity or programming not offered for ASHA CEUs?

Yes. Although there are exclusive sponsorship opportunities offered, (such as lanyards, bags, etc.) most of ASHA's programming is offered as a co-sponsorship. It is the goal of ASHA to introduce members to a wide-range of companies that offer products and services that can help members serve their clients.

Who may sponsor an ASHA event or programming?

ASHA does not discriminate against prospective corporate sponsors. Any company that is an exhibitor may be a sponsor.

Is there a review process for any literature and/or marketing language related to a corporate sponsorship opportunity?

Yes. If, as part of the sponsorship a company provides accompanying marketing materials, the materials must go through the advertising review process and ASHA's advertising standards are applied.

What do ASHA's Advertising Standards cover for sponsors who offer additional hand-out materials?

All materials are sent through a review process conducted by ASHA professional practice staff who look for:

  • Required use of person-first language and that language is non-discriminatory
  • Efficacy or other claims
    • Organizations are required to be able to substantiate claims by posting related research on their website or to make it available upon request
    • ASHA does not review the validity of the research, as educated professionals, our members will be able to review the research and determine whether they think the data is valid relative to the claim
  • Perception of endorsement
  • Statements are in line with the professional policies of ASHA

Existing Advertising Standards expressly cover:

  • Rights and usage of ASHA marks and logos
  • Placement of advertising in conjunction with continuing education content
  • The word "Advertisement" be placed with copy that resembles editorial matter
  • That all digital advertising includes a link to ASHA's Advertising Disclaimer

Does ASHA make available to corporate sponsors attendee contact information if they sponsor ASHA programming not offered for ASHA CEUs?

No. A sponsor is not automatically given access to contact information for attendees present at the sponsored programming. If a sponsor wishes to collect attendee information, we urge them to offer an opt-in opportunity (or an activation) so the choice to participate is left to the attendee. For example, if a sponsor offers a raffle or give-away (subject to state law) and an attendee wants to participate, they may be required to submit their contact information to participate. (Many exhibitors will offer this same opportunity from their booth on the Convention exhibit floor.) ASHA does offer "activation" sponsorships, such as the Portrait Gallery, where we allow the sponsor to collect the attendee contact information. However, even in this case, the attendee was offered the opportunity to opt-in – only if they wanted to.

Do ASHA members have an obligation to the ASHA corporate sponsors for their support of an event?

No. Sponsors find value in sponsorship through increased branding visibility for their company. Corporate sponsors want to bring their company to the attention of attendees and offer them the opportunity to check out for themselves the products and services they are offering to help them in their professional lives. However, we do ask attendees to "Thank our Sponsors" for supporting the profession and our members.

What is available for corporate sponsorship at ASHA?

  • In-person, event-based signage, activations (such as passport game, portrait gallery, etc.) and visibility opportunities
  • Online conferences
  • Special Interest Groups events at Convention
  • Programming not offered for ASHA CEUs, such as programming/events hosted by NSSLHA, Multicultural Affairs, Membership, ASHA Audiology, etc.

Are there specific restrictions for ASHA Special Interest Group (SIG) event co-sponsors?

  • All ASHA corporate sponsors are educated regarding ASHA's non-endorsement and transparency policies, which include:
    • Disclaimers will be posted/displayed at programming event. The disclaimer states: "ASHA thanks our sponsors. Sponsors are not responsible for the content of this meeting nor does ASHA endorse their products or services."
    • Programming co-sponsors are not automatically provided with participant/attendee lists
    • All programming co-sponsorship opportunities are open to all organizations that participate as an exhibitor on the expo floor. In the case where only one company signs on as a sponsor, the company will be referred to as a co-sponsor
    • Sponsors do not speak at the event unless invited by SIG coordinating committee to do so
    • Any special sponsored corporate programming will be scheduled and announced so the attendee can make the choice to attend

Who can purchase advertising on the ASHA Community Site?

Any vendor company, or individual, can purchase the designated advertising space on the ASHA Community Site. All purchasers must comply with ASHA's advertising policy and procedures. (Postings within the Community is subject to ASHA Community Guidelines)

What is an ASHA Corporate Partnership?

ASHA’s Corporate Partnership program offers companies a unique, year-long marketing opportunity to build relationships with ASHA’s 200,000+ audiology and speech-language pathology members and their clients through a customized, year-long marketing plan. Funds generated from this program help support ASHA activities and offset costs , which, in turn, support our members’ work and professional development . Some examples of programs may include the sponsorship of online conferences or in-person events, Minority Student Leadership Program (MSLP), Student to Empowered Professional Mentoring Program (S.T.E.P.), (Multicultural Concerns Collective), and Special Interest Group events. Partnership is not an endorsement or recommendation of a company or its products and services.

How can a company become an ASHA Corporate Partner?

ASHA offers different options for companies that desire to reach ASHA’s members through marketing and branding opportunities. One option is the Corporate Partnership Program, whereby ASHA and the organization agree to a list of year-long marketing and branding opportunities at a discounted price based on the company’s marketing objectives and goals. ASHA’s three levels of Corporate Partnership are determined by financial thresholds—including Bronze ($50,000–$75,999), Silver ($76,000–$149,999), and Gold ($150,000+). All marketing and branding opportunities are also offered a la carte for companies who wish to spend less than $50,000.

How does ASHA decide who becomes a Corporate Partner?

First, the ASHA Corporate Partnerships and the Practices team(s) conducts an internal review of the interested company. After approval, ASHA’s marketing and sales team then interviews the company to understand its marketing goals.

Partnership is a collaborative process that strives to be a win for all three parties—members, ASHA, and the Corporate Partner. Once the partnership is formalized, the Corporate Partner begins its work, helping to offset costs related to event setup, registration and speaker fees, and special programs at ASHA events (both online and in-person). In addition, Corporate Partners assist with programs and enhance networking opportunities.

Examples of these programs and opportunities include the Minority Student Leadership Program (MSLP), the Student to Empowered Professional (S.T.E.P.) Mentoring Program, the Multicultural Concerns Collective, the National Student Speech Language Hearing Association (NSSHLA), and ASHA Special Interest Groups.

How does ASHA evaluate corporate sponsorships and partnerships?

ASHA does not discriminate against prospective corporate sponsors/partners. As it relates to advertising, The Association (a) follows a review process for any literature or marketing language that a corporate sponsor/partner provides to ASHA and (b) applies ASHA’s advertising standards. 

ASHA does not have control over marketing materials and claims provided by corporate sponsors/partners outside of ASHA advertising (e.g., material on their own website).

ASHA corporate sponsorship/partnership is not an endorsement of programs, products, and so forth.

What if I have questions about a Corporate Partner?

At ASHA, we’re always interested in hearing from our members. If you have questions regarding a Corporate Partner, please contact us at

What are the levels of Corporate Partnership? What do they represent?

We offer three levels of Corporate Partnership based on the organization’s total amount spent:

  • Gold ($150,000+)
  • Silver ($76,000–$149,999)
  • Bronze ($50,000–$75,999)

ASHA can customize each level with a unique combination of programs and discounts to meet a company’s specific marketing needs Each level comes with different benefits—such as earlier access to specific marketing opportunities, higher logo visibility, additional outreach opportunities, and earlier booth registration time.



Benefits (access to each is based on total amount spent)

Gold Partner


Four email blasts per year to members, first access to all marketing opportunities, and highest logo visibility.

Silver Partner


Three email blasts per year to members, earlier marketing access to opportunities over bronze partners, and higher logo visibility than bronze partners.

Bronze Partner


Two email blasts per year to members, earlier marketing access to opportunities over regular sponsors, higher logo visibility over regular sponsors.

Why does ASHA call companies “Corporate Partners” instead of “Sponsors”?

Partnership is a year-round marketing opportunity through a single point of contact. Those companies in the Corporate Partnership Program want to convey to ASHA members that they are dedicated to surpassing expectations to help support the Association’s programming and events by making a marketing investment of at least $50,000. Part of a Corporate Partner marketing package may include a sponsorship in addition to other marketing opportunities.

Learn more about ASHA's Corporate Partnership program.

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