ASHA CE Policies: Course Reporting

Verifying Satisfactory Completion

Related Standard(s): Standard 7

  • The Provider must have an appropriate system in place to track and monitor participant attainment of learning outcomes, especially when the learning occurs at large conferences and conventions.
  • New The Provider must collect and submit reporting for all participants who satisfactorily complete a course and indicate intent to earn ASHA CEUs, regardless of ASHA CE Registry status. ASHA CE will bill participants who are eligible to use the CE Registry but who have not paid their ASHA CE Registry fee.
  • The Provider must have a mechanism to inform learners who did not meet satisfactory completion requirements that their participation in the course will not be reported for ASHA CEUs.

What Must Be Reported

Related Standard(s): Standard 7

  • The Provider must report the following information for each participant:
    • First and last name
    • Mailing address—including street, city, state, zip code, country
    • Email address
  • While not required, the Provider may collect and report ASHA ID numbers.
  • The Provider must submit reporting for all course offerings, regardless of participation, cancellation, or Provider status (Active, Inactive, Inactive CEA Pending, etc.).
  • A participant must not be reported multiple times for the same course unless they complete multiple course offerings and are authorized to do so, based on the Provider’s guidelines.
  • Course instructors may only be reported for ASHA CEUs for the first time they teach a course.
  • Providers must report on every registered course offering, except if there are no participants requesting ASHA CEUs. Any offering that is not reported on by 30-days after the due date will automatically be updated to Reported with Zero Participants and closed out accordingly. 

Reporting Deadlines

Reporting (45 days)

  • The Provider must report on all course offerings within 45 days [PDF] of the end date.

Roster Review (45 days)

  • The Provider must conduct a detailed review of course rosters in the CE Provider Portal and compare them with their own records. This review ensures that learners who expect to earn ASHA CEUs do so promptly.
  • Any discrepancies must be submitted in the CE Provider Portal through the roster change [PDF] These changes must be submitted by the date that appears in the system as the roster correction date.

Roster Changes

  • Any provider-initiated changes to the course roster must be made through the roster change process. After a roster change request is submitted, one of the following may occur (NOTE: Changes needed due to participant error are not submitted as a roster change. These will be submitted as a participant appeal):
    • Changes needed due to ASHA CE staff error will be made as a roster correction.
    • Changes needed due to Provider error may be considered inaccurate reporting that needs to be addressed through the consultation workflow.
    • Late roster corrections occur if (1) the Provider submits a roster change request deemed to be a roster correction after the 45-day review period or (2) ASHA CE identifies a discrepancy later. Late roster corrections will be addressed through the consultation workflow.

Inaccurate Reporting

Related Standard(s): Standard 7

  • Changes to the course roster for the following situations are considered inaccurate reporting:
    • The Provider forgot to report participants with the initial reporting.
    • The Provider reported participants who did not complete the course.
    • The Provider reported incorrect ASHA CEU amounts for participants.
    • The Provider submitted reporting to the wrong course offering.
  • ASHA CE will determine the appropriate process for correcting these errors.

Processing Fees

  • ASHA Approved CE Providers will be charged a processing fee when ASHA CE has received incorrect participant information and ASHA CE staff must manually update participant information for 10 or more offerings or for 50 or more participants.

Participant Appeal

  • Participants may use the appeal process for the following situations:
    • If a participant makes an error or does not follow Provider instructions for indicating intent to earn ASHA CEUs,
    • To correct ASHA CEU amounts;
    • To correct course completion dates.
  • Participant appeals must be submitted within 12 months of the course completion date.

Reconsideration of Participant Appeal Decisions

  • Participants whose participant appeal is denied may request reconsideration from the Regulations and Monitoring (R&M) Committee of the CE Board. The R&M Committee’s decision is considered final.

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