ASHA CE Policies: Becoming an ASHA CE Provider

Organizations Qualified to Apply

Related Standard(s): Standard 1

  • ASHA Continuing Education (ASHA CE) approves organizations—not people or courses—to be ASHA Approved CE Providers.
  • An organization that offers continuing education for audiologists, speech-language pathologists, and/or speech, language, and hearing scientists may apply to become an ASHA Approved CE Provider if that organization demonstrates the ability to adhere to the Standards for ASHA CE Providers and ASHA CE Policies.

Application Portal

  • Organizations must apply through the Continuing Education Application Portal.
  • Applications will remain open in the Continuing Education Application Portal for 12 months from the last date updated by an applicant. After that time, unsubmitted applications will be removed from the portal.
  • Application review fees must be paid and processed before the application review can begin. Fees may be subject to applicable taxes.

Provider Approval

  • Providers are approved for 5 years. Throughout this 5-year approval period, Providers can register new courses and offerings and can report participants for ASHA continuing education units (CEUs) if they maintain compliance with the Standards for ASHA CE Providers and ASHA CE Policies.
  • Newly approved Providers must pay the annual fee before starting the onboarding process. This fee is in addition to the application processing fee, is based on the calendar year, and is not prorated. The annual fee may be subject to applicable taxes.
  • Once approved, the Continuing Education Administrator (CEA) and any other related personnel must participate in an onboarding process before they may submit a course to be offered for ASHA continuing education units (CEUs).

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