ASHA CE Policies: Required Course Information


  • The Provider must specify any prerequisites to potential learners prior to the course.

Purchasing Materials

Related Standard(s): Standard 3

  • When learners are required to purchase a product or service to participate in a course, this should be communicated on promotional materials and other communication about the course. There is no specific format required for this notification.

Costs and Processing Fees

  • The Provider should specify the costs associated with participating in a course, including registration and independent study This information should be communicated to learners prior to registration.
  • Providers are discouraged from charging participants additional fees to process their ASHA CEUs. If such fees are applied, then the Provider must make it clear in promotional materials and other communications that the fee is being charged by the Provider, not by ASHA.

Satisfactory Completion

Related Standard(s): Standard 7

  • Changed Prior to the learner enrolling in the course, they must be notified of what is required to satisfactorily complete the course.
  • If partial credit is available, learners are notified of what is required to earn this credit.
  • Learners are notified in writing if they have not met satisfactory completion requirements and, thus, if they will not be recommended for ASHA CEUs.

Intent to Earn

Related Standard(s): Standard 7

  • New Providers must provide a method for eligible learners to indicate that they would like their information submitted to ASHA CE to earn ASHA CEUs.

Questions About ASHA CEUs

  • New When conducting cooperative offerings, it must be made clear to learners that the ASHA Approved CE Provider is responsible for reporting participants to the ASHA CE Registry and how to contact them with questions.

Certificate of Completion

  • Any documentation of learner course completion must clearly state that receipt of such documentation does not indicate that ASHA CEUs have been awarded. The following language is suggested: “This certificate neither awards ASHA CEUs nor verifies that ASHA CEUs have been awarded to the person named above.”


  • The organization must have established written policies concerning the criteria for
    • refunding fees if the Provider cancels or reschedules a program and   
    • refunding fees when a learner cancels their registration.
  • These policies must be clearly stated to learners (e.g., in promotional materials, registration information).


  • The organization must have a written policy about the resolution of complaints from those not satisfied with the organization’s continuing education services and programs.
  • These policies—as well as how to contact the provider—must be stated clearly to learners (e.g., in promotional materials, registration information, course handouts).


Related Standard(s): Standard 5

  • Changed The organization must have a process for identifying and responding to learner needs and accommodation The organization must clearly communicate to learners—prior to the course—about how to indicate their needs.

Learning Outcomes

Related Standard(s): Standard 5

  • Changed The organization must make learning outcomes available to learners prior to the course.

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