ASHA CE Policies: Provider Roles and Responsibilities

Continuing Education Administrator (CEA)

Related Standard(s): Standard 1

Continuing Education Content Consultant

Related Standard(s): Standard 1

  • A Continuing Education Content Consultant (CECC) must be appointed when the Continuing Education Administrator (CEA) is not an ASHA member and/or certified by ASHA. The CECC is also responsible for developing a sound working knowledge of the Standards for ASHA CE Providers and ASHA CE Policies and ensuring adherence to them.
  • The ASHA CE Content Consultant acts as a subject matter expert who plays an active role in the ASHA Approved CE Provider’s course planning, implementation, and evaluation.
  • The ASHA CE Content Consultant works collaboratively with the ASHA CE Administrator (CEA) for the ASHA Approved CE Provider to ensure that all Standards for ASHA CE Providers and ASHA CE Policies are followed.

Alternate Contact

  • Providers must have at least two contacts on record. One must be the Continuing Education Administrator (CEA). The other may be the Continuing Education Content Consultant, CEA Supervisor, or other designated Support Staff. This second contact must have knowledge of the organization’s continuing education program, must have decision-making authority, and will be ASHA CE’s contact when the CEA cannot be reached. This person will also be copied on important communications from ASHA CE, such as Provider status changes.

Administrative Assistant

  • The Provider may appoint an Administrative Assistant who can be added to an organization's personnel record and given access to the ASHA CE Provider Portal to support the Continuing Education Administrator (CEA) in course data management. The CEA must be responsible for overseeing the work done by the Administrative Assistant.

Records Contact

  • Providers who withdraw or are terminated must appoint a Records Contact. This person will have access to the ASHA CE Provider Portal and will be responsible for responding to any ASHA CE or participant request for the required records retention period in Standard 1.2.6.

Changing CE Personnel

  • When a CE Provider makes a personnel change, the Provider must notify ASHA CE in writing within 30 days of the change using established mechanisms. ASHA CE reserves the right to request additional documentation as needed to verify new personnel qualifications.

Continuing Education Administrator (CEA) Transition

Related Standard(s): Standard 1

  • When a Continuing Education Administrator (CEA) change is made, the incoming CEA must complete orientation prior to submitting a course or adding an offering. ASHA CE staff will work with the incoming CEA to determine appropriate deadlines, based on the Provider’s course plans. If established deadlines are not met, the Provider may be placed in Inactive status until orientation is complete.

Organizational Changes

  • Providers must notify ASHA CE of any changes to the name or organizational structure or scope of the continuing education program, as defined in the initial application or subsequent ASHA CE approved change, within 30 days of the change using established mechanisms. ASHA CE reserves the right to request additional documentation and information before approving the change and may require submission of a reorganization application.

Organizational Change Fees

  • ASHA CE reserves the right to charge a fee to review applications of Providers whose organizational or administrative structure has changed. Fees may be subject to applicable taxes.

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