Participant Appeal Form

Appeals are not accepted for courses that took place longer than twelve months ago.

Use this form if you successfully completed a course (live or online) in the past 12 months that was offered for ASHA CEUs, but the course and ASHA CEUs are not posted on your ASHA CE Registry Transcript (allow within 6–8 weeks from the time you completed the course for them to appear).


Before you complete and submit this form, contact the ASHA Approved CE Provider that offered the course.

  1. Ask if the course was offered for ASHA CEUs and if they have records showing you requested ASHA CEUs (e.g., submitted an ASHA CEU Participant Form) for the course that you believe should be on your ASHA CE Registry transcript.
  2. If the Provider made an error by not submitting your Participant Form to the ASHA CE Registry, ask them to do so.
  3. If the Provider files your Participant Form with the CE Registry, you will not need to complete this Appeal Form.

Please note: Individuals who want to earn ASHA CEUs must complete the ASHA CEU Participant Form or other submission requirements at the end of the course. When completing an online course, individuals must carefully follow the ASHA Approved CE Provider's instructions in order to be awarded ASHA CEUs. You must indicate at the time of the course that you want to earn ASHA CEUs; ASHA CEUs cannot be awarded retroactively. The expectation is that you check your online CE Registry transcript frequently throughout the year to ensure its accuracy.

Do not submit this form if:

  • the Provider did not register the course for ASHA CEUs
  • the Provider has a record of your request for ASHA CEUs for the course. Ask the Provider to contact the ASHA CE Registry to have the course added to your ASHA CE Registry transcript.
  • the number of ASHA CEUs or the date of the course on your transcript is not accurate. Ask the Provider to contact the ASHA CE Registry to have the ASHA CEU amount or date corrected on your ASHA CE Registry transcript.
  • you took the course more than 12 months ago and you don’t have extenuating circumstances that prevented you from earning ASHA CEUs.

Submission of this Participant Appeal Form is not a guarantee that ASHA CEUs will be awarded. In order for ASHA CEUs to be awarded, the applicable CE Registry fee(s) must be paid.

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