ASHA CE Policies: Independent Studies

Independent Study Process

  • The Provider must complete the Application to be an Independent Study Provider and the independent-study orientation before conducting independent studies.
  • Providers who register independent studies for ASHA CEUs must approve then monitor all independent-study plans.
  • The Provider must plan the independent study with the participant prior to the start of any related independent-study activities.
  • The Continuing Education Administrator (CEA) must agree to oversee the plan prior to the start of any activities. Approval cannot be retroactive.
  • The CEA and the participant are responsible for conducting the review process of all independent studies.
  • The Provider must get the CEA to sign all independent study plans [PDF] before submitting them to ASHA CE.
  • Independent studies are limited to 2.0 ASHA CEUs (20 hours) per independent-study plan. There is no limit, however, to the number of independent study plans that one can file with the ASHA CE Registry.
  • The Provider and the participant must be able to justify the method [PDF] of determining the number of ASHA CEUs for the independent study.
  • The Provider and the participant must agree on an ending date for the plan. Independent-study plans may not extend beyond 12 consecutive months in 1 calendar year.
  • An independent study may not extend across multiple calendar years.
  • The Provider must verify completion of the independent study and submit the plan so that ASHA CE receives it no more than 45 days after the ending date [PDF] of the independent-study plan.
  • The CEA notifies in writing those participants who are engaged in an independent study and have not met satisfactory completion requirements and will not be recommended for ASHA CEUs.
  • Those participants who are requesting to complete an independent study must have paid the applicable ASHA CE Registry Fee(s) to earn ASHA CEUs.

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