ASHA CE Policies: Course Promotion

Advertising Courses Offered for ASHA CEUs and ASHA Approved CE Provider Status

  • The Provider must identify the specific type of credit offered. For example, Providers must use the phrase “ASHA CEUs” rather than “CEUs.”
  • The Provider must not state or imply that the earning of ASHA CEUs is “free.”
  • The ASHA CE Provider insignia [PDF] can be used in general or corporate promotional pieces to denote that the organization is an ASHA Approved CE Provider.

Primary Promotional Materials

  • The primary promotional materials [PDF] for courses offered for ASHA CEUs must include the following:
    • ASHA Approved CE Provider Brand Block [PDF]
    • Number of ASHA CEUs offered for successful completion
    • Instructional level
    • Instructor disclosures—or clear instructions on how to access them
    • The required information must be formatted in alignment with ASHA guidelines.
    • Changed A promotional piece is considered “primary” when it informs learners about the course and gives learners the immediate ability to sign up (e.g., links to registration).

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