ASHA CE Policies: Policies for ASHA CE and CE Board

Public CE Information

  • ASHA CE respects the confidentiality of applicant and Provider information and releases only essential information to the public.
  • ASHA CE may release the following information:
  • Only Provider name and withdrawal date is released.
  • Other information may be shared only with the express permission of the Provider.

Participant Information

  • ASHA CE will not change learner names, addresses, or other information contained in ASHA’s records. This change must be managed by the learner through the ASHA Action Center.

ASHA CE Staff Policies

ASHA CE and CE Board Conflicts of Interest

  • ASHA CE must not be influenced in any way that would interfere with the objective review, evaluation, and approval or disapproval of any applicant organization.
  • ASHA CE must not participate in Provider approval procedures in which a real or apparent conflict of interest exists. ASHA CE staff must not participate in the evaluation of applications whose outcome might, in any way, affect the interest of an organization or institution with which the staff member, an immediate family member, or close personal associate is an employee, consultant, officer, director, trustee, or partner or has a financial interest—current or prospective.
  • ASHA CE Board (CEB) members are expected to decline to participate in deliberation or actions on any application that they believe presents a real or apparent professional, personal, or financial conflict of interest.

ASHA CE Record Retention

  • New ASHA CE will keep ASHA Approved CE Provider records for the previous 10 calendar years.
  • New ASHA CE reserves the right to keep additional documentation beyond 10 years if that information has not been updated and may relate to future Provider changes (e.g., organizational charts).
  • New Provider records will be destroyed 10 years after the date of withdrawal or termination.

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