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ASHA Approved CE Provider Application Frequently Asked Questions 

Next Steps

Eligibility to Apply

Completing the Application

Application Review Process


Offering Courses for ASHA CEUs

Eligibility to Apply

If we only provide one to three courses per year, would it be reasonable to apply, or would you suggest the cooperative agreement process?

It depends. What is your organization's long-range plan for continuing education (CE)? Do you routinely offer courses or are your courses occasional in nature? Apply to become a provider if offering CE is part of your organization's mission and is resourced (i.e., people and money). Use the cooperative process for the occasional course—particularly if you have limited resources (i.e., people and money).

We want to apply for ASHA Approved CE Provider status but haven't held any courses. Can we apply with courses that we will conduct in the future?

No. Organizations applying for ASHA Approved CE Provider status must submit three courses held in the past 24 months with the application. The courses must demonstrate compliance with the Continuing Education Board (CEB) requirements. Specifically, you must submit the following evidence for each of the courses: 

  • Findings/analysis used to determine the educational needs of audiologists or speech-language pathologists.
  • Learner outcomes.
  • Agenda or course structure.
  • Learner assessment strategies used.
  • Tool(s) used to evaluate the course.
  • Collated qualitative and/or quantitative results and the analysis performed on the course evaluation data.
  • A list of the changes your organization has made to its CE program and/or courses in response to the results of the program evaluation analysis.
  • The actual course promotional materials. The promotional materials must include required disclosures (e.g., instructional personnel, course content, and financial and in-kind disclosure statements).  

Are we required to have an audiologist or a speech-language pathologist on staff in order to apply for ASHA Approved CE Provider status? Who is qualified to be the Continuing Education Administrator (CEA)?

Organizations applying for ASHA Approved CE Provider status do need to have an ASHA member or an ASHA certificate holder serve as either the CEA or the CE Content Consultant. The individual does not need to be employed by the applicant, but he or she must be significantly and directly involved in all course planning, implementation, and evaluation. Please review the ASHA Continuing Education Administrator [PDF] and CE Content Consultant [PDF] job descriptions for details about the knowledge and skills required for these positions.

Our target audience is interdisciplinary; can we apply to become a provider, or do our courses need to be just for audiologists and speech-language pathologists?

Organizations offering interprofessional education (i.e., an activity that occurs when two or more professions learn about, from, and with each other to enable effective collaboration and improve outcomes for individuals and families whom we serve) are encouraged to apply for ASHA Approved CE Provider status. ASHA continuing education units (CEUs) may be offered for courses as long as there is an identified audiology and/or speech-language pathology educational need and as long as ASHA professionals were involved in content development.

I present for other organizations, and I'd like to apply to become an ASHA Approved CE Provider. Am I able to apply?

Yes, as long as you have an established entity such as a sole proprietorship or some other business form (ASHA approves organizations, not speakers) and can demonstrate in the application that you have the necessary resources and the ability to comply with the CEB's 12 requirements [PDF].

My organization is a limited liability company (LLC). Is an LLC eligible to apply to become an ASHA Approved CE Provider?

Yes, an organization can apply to become an ASHA Approved CE Provider as an LLC. As long as the organization demonstrates in the application that it has the necessary resources and the ability to comply with the CEB's 12 requirements [PDF], LLC status is not a barrier to becoming an ASHA Approved CE Provider.

Do we need to charge a fee for our courses in order to apply to become an ASHA Approved CE Provider? What about if we offer only in-services?

Organizations that only conduct in-services may apply for ASHA Approved CE Provider status, and we don't require provider organizations to charge fees.

Completing the Application

How long does it take to complete the application for ASHA Approved CE Provider status?

It depends. Organizations with a well-documented CE program that have other CE-related accreditations can develop an application in under 20 hours. Other organization may find that they do not have the policies, procedures, and structures of a CE program necessary to respond to the requests in the application. These organizations will need to spend time creating a CE program and developing documentation before they can start completing the application.

I just accessed the application online, and I'm overwhelmed. How do you suggest I start?

We suggest that you first carefully read through the instructions provided in the email you received after completing the application request form. The application is thorough, and it guides you through the  required practices [PDF] that you will need to have in place in order to offer courses for ASHA CEUs. It provides information that you will find useful and asks questions about your organization's processes and plans to offer CE courses. Gathering the required information before logging in to start your application will make the online submission easier.

The application is lengthy, but don't let that discourage you. It is designed to lead you to a successful completion and to be prepared to take on the role of an ASHA Approved CE Provider.

You will receive periodic emails with helpful links and the application itself contains links to references and resources. If you have questions about the application, please email We are happy to help you as you work through the application.

Do you have a sample application? Are there examples or templates that we can use?

We don't offer a sample application, but there are many resources on ASHA's website and on training-related webpages. You will receive a PDF version of the online application when you complete the application request form.

We only offer online courses; is there a different application or more information that we will need to submit?

The provider application is primarily concerned with the structure and procedures in place to plan, implement, and evaluate CE. ASHA CE does not have unique requirements related to a course's delivery mode. 

Application Review Process

If the application is not complete for some reason, will we have a chance to clarify/provide additional information?

There are three opportunities to demonstrate your organization's compliance with the CEB's requirements: 

  1. The application submission.
  2. The organization's first response to ASHA's request for additional information from the application reviewers.
  3. The organization's response to the reviewers' second and final request for additional information.

Once we submit the application for ASHA CE Provider status, how soon will we hear about an approval decision?

Please allow a minimum of 4–6 weeks for ASHA CE to review the application once submitted. ASHA CE will contact you via email on the status of your application (i.e., either Provider status is approved, or additional information is requested). If additional information is requested, you will have at least 30 days to respond. 

Please note: If you choose an expedited review, your application will be reviewed and any request for additional information will be sent within two weeks of receipt of your application. You will have two weeks to respond to the request.


Do you prorate the Provider fee for the year approved?

No, the Provider annual fee is not prorated. Your organization will be invoiced for the full Provider annual fee regardless of the month approved. Every October, you will receive an invoice for the following year, and it must be paid by December 31.

Other than the application review fee, what fees do providers pay?

Once the organization is approved as an ASHA Approved CE Provider, the Provider annual fee must be paid. Every five years, Providers undergo an organizational review by ASHA Continuing Education (CE). There is a fee associated with the 5-year review. Also, if a Provider encounters a compliance issue in which they have not offered a CE course according to the CEB's requirements, they must file an appeal. Depending on the adjudication of appeal by ASHA CE, there are fees associated with the appeal.

Once approved as an ASHA CE Provider, how much will our organization pay to register each course?

There is no fee per course for ASHA Approved CE Providers. The annual fee allows the organization to register an unlimited number of courses in the year. There is one exception: cooperative offerings. To offer a CE course cooperatively means that another party is involved in some way with the ASHA Approved CE Provider organization in offering the course. There is an additional fee for offering a course cooperatively when an ASHA Approved CE Provider offers a course cooperatively with a party that is not an ASHA Approved CE Provider. It is not mandatory for ASHA Approved CE Providers to agree to offer courses cooperatively.

Offering Courses for ASHA CEUs

How soon after the application is approved can we start offering courses for ASHA CEUs?

 For regular applications, the typical timeline from receipt of application to registering your first course is 3–6 months. If you chose an expedited process, this timeline may be reduced to 2–3 months.

Once an organization has been approved as an ASHA CE Provider, the CEA (and other relevant staff) will go through an in-depth New Provider Onboarding Process. This will ensure the ASHA CEA (and other staff) are set up to navigate their new roles as successfully and independently as possible. This Onboarding process consists of:

  • An initial 1 to 2-hour text-based tutorial and quizzes
  • Five 2-hour meetings with ASHA CE’s Quality Assurance Manager that will follow the life cycle of your first course/offering (from planning through registration and reporting)
  • Guided resources and assignments between each meeting
  • Individualized and personal assistance throughout

  Please note: Before submitting the initial course for ASHA CEUs, CEAs must have completed the first three onboarding meetings and paid the year’s Annual Provider Fee. 

Can we advertise that ASHA CEUs for a course are "pending" once we submit our application?

No. You cannot advertise that ASHA CEUs are pending. It can take approximately 2–3 months for an organization to be approved as an ASHA CE Provider once the application is submitted. Only after the organization is approved—and after the CEA has completed an orientation, completed a CEB requirements tutorial, and paid the Provider annual fee—can you begin to advertise that it is offering ASHA CEUs for courses registered with ASHA CE.

Can an organization apply to be an ASHA CE Provider and submit courses for approval at the same time?

No. ASHA CE approves Providers. It does not approve courses. An organization can offer courses for ASHA CEUs only after the organization becomes an ASHA Approved CE Provider.

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