Changing CE Provider Personnel

ASHA approval of CE Providers is based on consideration of the procedures, budget, and personnel devoted to their CE program. When a CE Provider makes a change in CE personnel, the Provider must notify ASHA Continuing Education (CE) in writing using the web forms below. You will need to know your four letter Provider Code and the name of your ASHA Provider Manager in order to fill out the forms. There are four types of CE Provider Personnel:

1. CE Administrator

The primary liaison and contact person between the ASHA Approved CE Provider and ASHA Continuing Education (CE) who is responsible for meeting and maintaining the CE Provider Approval Requirements. Please see the roles and responsibilities of a CE Administrator (CEA) outlined in the CEA job description. Use the Change of CE Administrator Form to update your organization's CEA.

2. Content Consultant

The ASHA CE Content Consultant acts as a subject matter expert who plays an active role in the ASHA Approved CE Provider’s course planning, implementation, and evaluation. If your CE Administrator is not an SLP or audiologist, you will need to appoint a staff person who is an ASHA member to assist them. Please see the roles and responsibilities of a CE Content Consultant outlined in the CE Consultant job description.

The ASHA CE Content Consultant works collaboratively with the ASHA CE Administrator (CEA) to ensure that all CEB requirements and procedures are followed. Use the Changing Continuing Education Content Consultant Form to change or add this position.

3. Alternate Contact/Supervisor

ASHA CE requires an additional contact within the Provider organization to serve as a back-up in case the CE Administrator cannot be reached. Use the Changing Alternate Contact/Supervisor Form to add or change this required personnel.

4. Support Staff

This is an optional contact that can be added to your Personnel Record and given access to the ASHA CE Provider Portal in order to support the CE Administrator in course data management. Use the Changing Support Staff Form to add or change this position.

Questions? Call 800-498-2071 to get your Provider Code or the name of your ASHA Provider Manager. Contact for questions about the online forms.

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