Procedure for Changing CE Administrator or CE Content Consultant


Approval of CE Providers is based on consideration of the procedures, budget, and personnel devoted to their CE program. When a change in personnel involves replacement of the ASHA CE Administrator (CEA, i.e., the person charged with overseeing the ASHA Approved CE Providership) or the CE Content Consultant, the Provider must notify ASHA's Continuing Education Board (CEB) in writing. The new CEA's term does not become effective until the CEB approves the request and the individual completes an orientation. Providers may also submit changes in the CEA's Supervisor/Alternate Contact using the web form.


Before designating a new CE Administrator and/or CE Content Consultant, the ASHA Approved CE Provider should:

  1. Review the Continuing Education Administrator (CEA) Job Description and/or CE Content Consultant job descriptions.
  2. Identify personnel who have the knowledge and skills appropriate for the position.
  3. Request and review the candidate's resume ensuring that the person is qualified in CE program planning/training and is knowledgeable of speech‐language pathology/audiology. These qualities must be documented on the resume.
  4. Discuss the duties and responsibilities expected with the candidate.
  5. Confirm that the individual who is the CE administrator's supervisor/alternate contact will continue to serve in that role. Alternatively, select a new CE Administrator supervisor/alternate contact. The Supervisor/Alternative contact is the individual to whom the CE Administrator reports regarding the organization's ASHA Approved CE Provider status.

After the new personnel is designated:

  1. Ensure she/he reads the CEB Manual [PDF] and, in particular, becomes familiar with the CEB Requirements [PDF].
  2. Develop or review with the candidate your organization's Requirement 2 [DOC] grid. Update as needed.
  3. Have the candidate read and sign the Provider Agreement Form [DOC].

Complete and submit the Changing CE Personnel web form. Have the following documents (.doc or .pdf) ready for uploading:

  • Resume of proposed CEA or CE Content Consultant
  • Requirement 2 Course Planning and Reporting Chart [DOC] (completed)
  • ASHA CE Provider Agreement [DOC] (signed)
  • When naming a CE Content Consultant, you are asked to describe how the CE Administrator and the CE Content Consultant work together to plan, register (with ASHA CE), conduct, and evaluate courses and course offerings. If applicable, also describe the role the CE Content Consultant has in reporting on offerings and offering participants.

These documents will need to be attached to the web form used to submit changes in personnel to ASHA CE.


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