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Transparency in Course Planning - Speaker/Content/Financial and In-Kind Support/Exhibits

1. Speaker/Planner Disclosures

Individuals involved in the course planning and delivery must disclose their relevant financial or nonfinancial relationship(s) to course content.

Speaker Disclosure Form [DOC] (Sample) 
This sample form includes a chart to collect possible financial and nonfinancial relationships from speakers/planners and a description of the process for discussing disclosures with speakers/planners. You can customize this form to send to your speakers or planners to get their full disclosure information for each course. The chart helps to suggest all possible relationships that should be disclosed so that speakers properly report. Also see this sample form [DOC] that can be used to meet multiple accreditors requirements for conflict of interest. 

2. Content Disclosures

ASHA CE Providers must disclose when their course content is focused on a specific product or service and will not include information on similar or like products/services 

  • Sample disclosure statement for unique product or service  The (organization) has developed and patented a licensed technology trademarked as the (insert name of product or service). Because there are no other like-kind products available, course offerings will only cover information that pertains to the effective and safe use of the above-named products.  
  • Sample disclosure statement for products and services that are not unique This presentation will focus exclusively on (insert name of product or service) and will not include information on other similar or related (insert product or service). 

3. Disclosing Financial or In-Kind Support 

Learners must be informed of financial and in-kind support given to the Provider by other organizations Options include disclosing the names of organizations that contributed financial or in-kind support in promotional materials, in materials distributed prior to the course, and at the beginning of a course. Remember to include organizations contributing things such as products, materials and equipment; volunteers; professional services; publicity; etc. 

4. Requirements for Exhibits and Advertisements 

The placement or location of all exhibits and advertisements must be controlled so that they do not occur in the same place or space as the instructional portion of the course. This requirement applies to both physical and virtual locations depending on the course presentation format. 

For an in-depth look at ASHA CE transparency requirements see resources for implementing Requirement 3.

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