School-Based SLP Resources for Physical and Virtual Reopening

As you prepare for the school year during the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic—with various levels of physical and virtual reopening options across the country—we know you’re facing unique challenges as speech-language pathologists. We’re here to help you navigate personal safety, return to in-person services and/or telepractice, share important information with parents, and join ASHA in advocating for yourself and your work.

Get more COVID-19 information and back-to-school resources from ASHA, and contact us at or through the ASHA Action Center (800-498-2071) with school-based clinical or professional questions.

Returning to In-Person Services

Find guidance on mask use, physical distancing, infection control, and more. (ASHA’s advocacy position calls for school districts to prioritize safety in making decisions to physically reopen schools.)

Balancing Well-Being and Workload

Remember to take care of yourself. Check out mental health resources for speech-language pathologists and Strengthening Resilience [PDF].

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