COVID-19 Resources for Your Clients and Patients

For the Public

Communicating Effectively While Wearing Masks and Physical Distancing
Information about how masks and physical distance impact communication and tips to make it easier. 


Tips for Helping Students With Hearing Loss in Virtual and In-Person Learning Settings
Tips for how teachers and administrators can help children who are deaf or hard of hearing succeed in a virtual and or modified in-person learning environment. 

Hearing Loss and Remote Work: Advice for Effective Communication During Virtual Meetings [Español]
Tips for making virtual meetings more accessible for all during COVID-19-related closures—with a special focus on workers who are hard-of-hearing.

Caring for Your Child’s Hearing Health at Home: Guidance for Maintaining Hearing Devices, Improving Communication [Español]
Advice for parents when it comes to taking care of hearing aids at home--and creating a better listening environment overall so that children can participate to the fullest extent in interactions at home and online.

Speech-Language Pathology

How Parents Can Help Children With Speech and Language Disorders in Virtual and Modified In-Person Classroom Settings
Tips for how parents can help children with speech and language disorders succeed in a virtual and or modified in-person learning environment.

Tips for parents on maximizing success of virtual treatment sessions: infographic [JPG] and video

COVID-19 and School Closures: Tips for Parents of Bilingual Children and English Language Learners Receiving Speech-Language Therapy Services [Español]
Guidance to parents and caregivers of students who are bilingual and/or English language learners to help continue their development.

Guidance for People Sheltering at Home With Swallowing Disorders
Tips for those with dysphagia to manage their disorder at home.

At Home With Young Children? Build Preschoolers’ Speech and Language Skills With Everyday Interactions and Activities
How to use everyday activities around the house to help develop young children's communication skills. 

AAC and COVID-19: Ventilator Use May Necessitate Alternative Methods of Communication for Patients in Acute Care
A link to free resources for those who need to use Augmentative and alternative communication (AAC) to communicate about medical needs.  

Ten Ways Children With Language Disorders Can Maintain Both Physical Distance and Social Connection During the Coronavirus Pandemic [Español]
Tips to help children with language disorders make social connections while sheltering in place.

Early Intervention and COVID-19: Advice for Parents of Children Ages 0–3 Whose Services Are Interrupted [Español]  
Steps that caregivers/families of children in early intervention for speech and/or language disorders can take to maintain and continue progress during the COVID-19 pandemic.

School Services, Interrupted: What Parents of Students Receiving Speech and Language Treatment in Schools Should Know During COVID-19 Closures [Español]                    
Information for parents whose children's school-based speech/language services were interrupted or modified during COVID-19 closures.

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