Over-the-Counter Hearing Aids: Tools for Audiologists


The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) transformed the hearing health-care landscape by creating a new over-the-counter (OTC) class of hearing aids. While OTC hearing aids will be widely available at lower costs, they are not right for everyone. This toolkit will help you educate your patients about OTC hearing aids, communicate the continued value of audiologists, and collaborate with pharmacists and physicians.

Tools for Educating Patients

These resources will help you communicate the value—and limitations—of OTC hearing aids to your patients.

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Collaborating with Pharmacists

With OTC hearing aids available in pharmacies, patients will likely turn to pharmacists for advice. These resources help audiologists connect with local pharmacists, guide them in answering common patient questions, and encourage them to build a referral network. Pharmacists can print these materials for use at their pharmacy — either at the checkout counter or near the OTC hearing aid display. Note: Documentation for patients may vary by pharmacy location.

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Collaborating with Primary Care Physicians (PCPs)

A patient’s family physician is often their most trusted source of healthcare advice. These resources help audiologists connect with local physicians and provide them the information they need to answer patient questions about OTC hearing aids.

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Other Resources

The following resources will help you learn more about OTC hearing aids and related regulations.

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