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Over-the-Counter Hearing Aid Toolkit

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) will be releasing a final rule for over-the-counter (OTC) hearing aids, transforming the hearing health-care landscape by creating a new regulatory class of hearing aids. While OTC hearing aids will be widely available at lower costs to many adults with self-perceived mild to moderate hearing loss, they are not right for everyone. Audiologists can be proactive about addressing questions from patients and other health-care professionals.

ASHA has compiled the following resources to help you

  • Educate patients about OTC hearing aids
  • Promote the continued value of an audiologist
  • Collaborate with and market your practice to other trusted professionals influencing OTC hearing aid decisions

Bookmark this page as ASHA Audiology Practices will continue to update the toolkit with the latest resources.

Tools for Audiologists

ASHA is committed to helping audiologists minimize the disruption of OTC hearing aids and expand opportunities to raise awareness of their role through OTC hearing aid implementation. Patients and the community have questions about OTC hearing aids and the role of the audiologist. Use these tools to help field questions, promote your value as an audiologist, and brush up on your policy knowledge.

Tools for Primary Care Physician (PCP) Collaboration

Patients see their family physicians for all aspects of their health care. Audiologists can provide information and support to local physician practices, offering their expertise for patients with hearing needs and answering questions about OTC hearing aids. Print out the guide for PCPs and share with physician practices in your area. 

Tools for Pharmacist Collaboration

Pharmacists will be fielding questions regarding hearing care once OTC hearing aids are being sold in pharmacies. Pharmacists will need help connecting patients who have hearing needs with audiologists in their area. Consider visiting local pharmacies to create a referral network and to help answer questions pharmacists have about OTC hearing aids. Use the tools below to initiate an introduction and provide useful educational materials.

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