Tracking Your ASHA CEUs

Using the ASHA CE Registry Service

About Your Transcript

What is the ASHA CE Registry?

The ASHA CE Registry is a service maintaining a permanent, cumulative transcript of your ASHA Continuing Education Units (ASHA CEUs) awarded by the ASHA Continuing Education Board (CEB). The ASHA CE Registry is open to ASHA/NSSLHA members and non-members who meet eligibility criteria. To learn more about eligibility requirements, go to Who is eligible to Earn ASHA CEUs section of the CE FAQs.

The ASHA CE Registry:

  • is a low cost, convenient way to document ASHA CEUs
  • is nationally recognized
  • ensures security and confidentiality
  • provides permanent, cumulative official transcripts
  • helps you locate quality CE offerings
  • is accessible online in seconds

Why should I use the ASHA CE Registry?

The ASHA CE Registry is a convenient, low cost, and safe way to keep track of courses taken through ASHA Approved CE Providers. ASHA CE Registry transcripts are accepted by all of the state licensing agencies and using the ASHA CE Registry provides a worry free way to document hours required to maintain ASHA Certification. For every year you pay the ASHA CE Registry fee, you may request an official transcript. We issue official transcripts to you, regulatory boards, employers or anyone else you designate.

Can I keep track of my CEUs on my own?

You can keep your own record of CE attendance. However, our ASHA-approved CE Providers do not award ASHA CEUs. ASHA CEUs are only awarded through the ASHA CE Registry. ASHA CE will not be able to verify your attendance in CE courses if you do not use the CE Registry. We advise you to check with your state licensing board to see what documentation they require for re-licensing or audit before making this decision.

You are not required to use the ASHA CE Registry for CCC renewal, although you may find it a convenient, no-hassle approach. Please visit the CCC Maintenance pages or e-mail for more information.

Who can use the Registry?

There are eligibility requirements to earn ASHA CEUs. You do not need to be an ASHA member or CCC holder to earn ASHA CEUS and use the ASHA CE Registry, however you must meet at least one of the eligibility criteria to earn ASHA CEUs. Also, note that many ASHA-approved CE Providers set course prerequisites. If you meet the course's prerequisites, you may earn ASHA CEUs and use the ASHA CE Registry if you are eligible.

How do I sign up for the ASHA CEU Registry and how much does it cost?

There are three ways to sign up:

Phone: 800-498-2071
Mail: mail in your subscription form [PDF] with payment
Dues invoice:"Optional programs" on your dues invoice

Cost: As of 2018 the Annual Registry fee: $28/members $38/non-members

Pro-rating is not available. You receive one free transcript per Registry payment, sent at your request. Additional transcript: $15/member, $20/non-member.

Why did I receive a bill?

You were sent a bill/invoice because you submitted an ASHA CEU Participant Form (bubble sheet) at a course or one of our ASHA CE Providers submitted one on your behalf. When you submit an ASHA CEU Participant Form, we presume you are interested in and eligible to earn ASHA CEUs and use the CE Registry. You may sign up for the Registry or cancel the invoice by calling 800-498-2071. If you decide to cancel the invoice, the ASHA CEUs will not be awarded and will be permanently deleted from your records.

How do I order my official transcript?

You can call in your transcript request (800-498-2071) or order online.

How does ASHA know I attended a course?

When you attend a course offering ASHA CEUs, before you leave, fill out and submit the ASHA CEU Participation Form or provide your information electronically per the Provider's instructions. The ASHA-approved CE Provider sends your information to us within 45 days of the course's end date. The Continuing Education Board awards you ASHA CEUs through the CE Registry. The Registry staff sends your transcript at your request.

How soon will a course be on my transcript?

ASHA CE Providers have up to 45 days from the course's end date to send your ASHA CEU Participant Form to us. Once here, processing time usually takes one week. During periods of heavy volume, processing time may be longer.

How can I add coursework to my transcript?

Course is coming up/not offering ASHA CEUs: Independent Study is the process you would use.

Course already took place/didn't offer ASHA CEUs: We cannot add credit to your ASHA CEU transcript retroactively. If you are interested in using non-ASHA CEU coursework to keep your CCC current, please visit the CCC Maintenance pages for more information.

Didn't submit your participant information at course: If your information and request to earn ASHA CEUs was not submitted at the time of the course, please contact the course provider as soon as possible.

What if a course is missing from my transcript?

Did the course offer ASHA CEUs? We cannot process non-ASHA CEU activities. Some promotional materials state that a course is suitable for SLPs and/or Audiologists. This does not mean it offered ASHA CEUs.

Have you allowed for processing time? ASHA CE Providers have up to 45 days from the course's end date to send your ASHA CEU Participant Form to us. Once here, processing time can take up to four (4) weeks during our busy times.

Contact the ASHA Approved CE Provider—Ask the Provider if your information for the course was submitted to the ASHA CE Registry.

If you qualified for and requested ASHA CEUs at the time of the course but the Provider didn't submit your information to the ASHA CE Registry, the Provider will work with the ASHA CE Registry to add the course to your transcript.

If the Provider does not have record of your completion of the course or documentation of your request to earn ASHA CEUs (e.g., completion of an ASHA CEU Participant form), you'll need to contact the ASHA CE Registry directly to appeal to have the course added to your ASHA CE Registry Transcript.

Remember, individuals who want to earn ASHA CEUs must complete the ASHA CEU Participant form at the end of the course. Alternatively, when completing an online course you must carefully follow the ASHA Approved CE Provider's instructions in order to be awarded ASHA CEUs. ASHA CEUs cannot be awarded retroactively.

When appealing, you'll be asked to explain circumstances that prevented you from either completing the ASHA CEU Participant form or following the Provider's instructions for earning ASHA CEUs.

Can I view my transcript online?

Yes, ASHA members and eligible participants of the ASHA CE Registry can access their Registry transcript information online. Individuals may view courses on their transcript including many course details like how many ASHA CEUs they have earned, and more, by going to:

  • the ASHA CE Registry homepage, and selecting "What's on my ASHA CE Registry transcript," or
  • the ASHA website, logging into "My Account," and selecting "View Courses on My ASHA CE Transcript."

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