ASHA CE Registry Transcript

You may login to view your unofficial transcript 24/7 and/or order the official transcript to be mailed.

Ordering an Official Transcript (Mailed Only)

After placing your order, an official transcript should arrive via mail in 7–10 business days. 

Mailing delays occur if a course has not yet been recorded on your transcript.

CE course not recorded: Time varies. Providers have up to 45 days from course's end date to submit participant information. Once here, processing time can take up to 4 weeks. At certain times of the year, processing and posting time may be longer due to heavy volume.

About the ASHA Continuing Education Transcript

Each year, thousands of individuals add new CE courses to their cumulative ASHA CE Registry records.

What is on the ASHA CE transcript?

Your transcript includes the date, title, course description, Provider code, subject code, instructional level, content code, and the number of ASHA CEUs. 

How much does a transcript cost?

There is no cost for an official transcript, as it is a benefit of subscribing to the CE Registry Service for one or more years. 

When/where are transcripts sent?

Transcripts are printed upon your request and will be sent to the address indicated on the order. Transcripts can be sent to a third party, such as a licensing or certification agency, or employer, etc.

How are transcripts sent?

Official transcripts are sent via postal mail and usually take 7–10 business days arrive. Official transcripts cannot be sent via e-mail.

Emailing Your Unofficial Transcript (Emailed Only)

When you access your online transcript, you have the option of emailing an unofficial copy to any email of your choosing. The unofficial transcript lists all your paid and awarded ASHA CEUs that appear in your ASHA CE Registry records. There is no fee associated with emailing an unofficial transcript. Some entities might require an official transcript. Please verify before emailing.

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