What to Do If Your ASHA CE Registry Transcript Is "Missing" A Course

As of January 1, 2017, ASHA Continuing Education (CE) will no longer accept requests from participants asking that ASHA CEUs be granted for a course with an end date more than 12 months ago.  

The ASHA CE encourages course participants to review their ASHA CE Registry transcripts regularly. If you find that your ASHA CE transcript doesn't include a course or courses, first contact the ASHA Approved CE Provider who offered the course. Ask the Provider if your information for the course was submitted to the ASHA CE Registry.

  • If you qualified for and requested ASHA CEUs at the time of the course but the Provider didn't submit your information to the ASHA CE Registry, the Provider will work with the ASHA CE Registry to add the course to your ASHA CE Registry Transcript.
  • If the Provider does not have record of your completion of the course or documentation of your request to earn ASHA CEUs (e.g., completion of an ASHA CEU Participant form or submission of the documentation requested by the Provider in order to earn ASHA CEUs), you'll need to contact the ASHA CE Registry directly to appeal to earn the ASHA CEUs and have the course added to your ASHA CE Registry Transcript.

Appealing to have ASHA CEUs awarded and the course added to your ASHA CE Registry Transcript: Complete and mail the participant appeal form along with a certificate of attendance or other course completion verification. Your appeal will be adjudicated and, if approved, ASHA CEUs will be awarded. Submission of a participant appeal form is not a guarantee that the ASHA CEUs will be awarded. Remember, individuals who want to earn ASHA CEUs must complete the ASHA CEU Participant form at the end of the course. Alternatively, when completing an online course you must carefully follow the ASHA Approved CE Provider's instructions in order to be awarded ASHA CEUs. ASHA CEUs cannot be awarded retroactively.

Appeal adjudication process: ASHA CE will review the appeal request and attendance documentation, and a decision will be communicated to the appellant in writing within 12 weeks of receipt. If ASHA CE decides to deny ASHA CEUs, that decision is final and may not be appealed to the ASHA Board of Directors.

ASHA CE Registry Fee: Participants pay an annual fee to use the ASHA CE Registry. The annual fee covers the processing of all ASHA CEUs for courses taken through ASHA Approved CE Providers during the calendar year. Before submitting the participant appeal form, call 800-498-2071 to verify that you have paid the ASHA CE Registry fee for the year(s) in which the course(s) you're appealing was completed.

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