Hearing Aids, Cochlear Implants and Assistive Technology

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Hearing Aids
Hearing aids can help with many types of hearing loss, and an audiologist can assist in finding the best hearing aid for you.

Hearing Aids for Children  
Hearing sounds and words helps children learn to talk and understand. It is important to have your child's hearing tested by an audiologist and get help early, if needed.

Buying Hearing Aids On Your Own
Buying a hearing aid on your own may seem like an easy way to save time and money. But there are things you should know before you buy.

Paying for Hearing Aids
You may have concerns about how you will pay for hearing aids. Learn more about funding options for adults and children.

Early Intervention for Children with Hearing Loss 
Your child can get help from early intervention and school services. Hearing impacts speech, language, learning, and social skills.

Cochlear Implants 
A cochlear implant, in one or both ears, may be an option for some people with hearing loss. An audiologist can help you find out if a cochlear implant will help you.

Hearing Assistive Technology
Hearing assistive technology systems, or HATS, can help you hear at home, school, and work. 

Hearing Assistive Technology (HATS) for Children
Hearing assistive technology systems can help children in school. An audiologist will help find the device that's right.

Child Audiologic Habilitation 
Children who have hearing loss need to learn how to communicate. This includes learning to listen and using their hearing aids. 

Adult Audiologic Rehabilitation
Audiologic rehabilitation helps people with hearing loss relearn skills that they have lost. 

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