Early Intervention for Children with Hearing Loss

Your child can get help from early intervention and school services. Learn more about the law that requires these services.

The Individuals with Disabilities Education Act, or IDEA, protects children with disabilities. IDEA makes sure that children receive the services they need for free. The law covers children from birth through age 21. The early intervention, or EI, program is for birth to age 3. The school age program is for ages 3 to 21.

Early Intervention

Hearing impacts speech, language, learning, and social skills. Getting help early is important. Learn more about the hearing loss and your child's development.

EI services include the family and will

  • help your child with his speech and language skills;
  • help you understand your child's hearing loss and listening needs;
  • support you so you feel that you can help your child; and
  • keep track of your child's progress.

School Services

Your child may get services in school under IDEA. The Rehabilitation Act is another law that may help your child. Under this law, your child will have a Section 504 plan [PDF]. These laws say that the school must give your child the hearing services she needs. The school must have hearing assistive technology, or HATS, if your child needs it. Devices that let your child hear in the classroom will help her listen and learn.

Schools must also make sure that teachers and others know how to work with your child. They need to know about his hearing loss and how to manage his hearing aids. They also need to know how to use HATS.

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