Research and Data on IPE/IPP

This collection of journals, articles, and other research provides further insight into how interprofessional education and interprofessional practice (IPE/IPP) is changing the way we work. Here at ASHA, we encourage research into three important aspects of IPE/IPP: (1) the development of best practices, (2) the impact on patient or student outcomes, and (3) the adoption by those in our professions. Julie A. Honaker of the Cleveland Clinic talks about the data that shows interprofessional collaborative care has a positive impact on the patient experience, greater efficiencies in care, and improved outcomes.

If you’re interested in conducting your own research, see our information on planning and funding your study.

Systematic Reviews, Meta-Analyses, and Guidelines

Whether you’re conducting your own research or want to stay up to date on the latest professional recommendations, these resources will help you find and access the studies that meet your needs.

Studies and Resources Summary
IPE/IPP Evidence Map This searchable online database assists audiologists and SLPs in making evidence-based decisions. Each publication listed here provides up-to-date information and meets the three criteria of evidence-based practice: (1) external scientific evidence, (2) clinical expertise, and (3) client perspectives. Each entry in ASHA’s Evidence Map includes a summary of the publication’s recommendations or conclusions as they pertain to audiology or speech-language pathology.
IPP/IPE Research Across Health Professions This bibliographic list features recent systematic reviews, meta-analyses, scoping reviews, and guidelines on IPE/IPP research from a variety of health professions. Each citation includes a link to the abstract on the publisher’s website. Although many of these studies do not focus on the communications sciences and disorders discipline, many of the findings are applicable to audiologists and SLPs.


Surveys and Data

These resources contain data about the implementation of IPE/IPP.

Studies and Resources Summary
Interprofessional Practice Survey Starting in 2016, ASHA has been conducting regular surveys about members’ use of IPP. These surveys gather data from ASHA-certified audiologists and SLPs about their use of and opinions about IPP. The survey is part of ASHA’s Strategic Pathway to Excellence—specifically, Strategic Objective #2, Advance Interprofessional Education and Interprofessional Collaborative Practice (IPE/IPP).
National Center for Interprofessional Practice and Education IPE Core Data Set and Information Exchange for Knowledge Generation

Since 2012, the National Center for Interprofessional Practice and Education has worked with over 70 sites implementing IPE/IPP programs. Program leaders have contributed their data to IPE Knowledge Generation. This article describes how this effort blends traditional research and evaluation approaches with the burgeoning field of health informatics and big data science.

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Interprofessional Journals

These journals publish research specifically about IPE/IPP. Access them for literature reviews, new research, and as outlets for publishing your own research.

Studies and Resources Summary
Health, Interprofessional Practice & Education

This journal publishes original research (both quantitative and qualitative), reviews, and educational materials that address the challenges and opportunities of interprofessional practice.

Access status: All articles are open access. (No paid subscription required.)

Journal of Interprofessional Care

This journal publishes research about interprofessional education and collaborative practice in health and social care. It promotes collaboration in education, practice, and research worldwide. 

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Journal of Interprofessional Education & Practice

This journal publishes peer-reviewed articles and reports that provide innovative ideas for interprofessional educators and practitioners. Each issue examines current issues and trends in interprofessional health care topics.

Access status: Mixture of open access articles and subscriber-only articles; individual articles available for one-time fee

Journal of Research in Interprofessional Practice and Education

This peer-reviewed journal disseminates theoretical perspectives and methodologies to inform interprofessional practice and research in health care.

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Additional ASHA Resources

Developed by ASHA, these resources explore the importance of IPE/IPP in audiology and speech-language pathology. See ASHA peer-reviewed journal and ASHA Leader articles on IPE/IPP.

Studies and Resources Summary
ASHAWire Special Collection—Interprofessional Education/Interprofessional Practice

Resource type: Topic collection

This special collection features articles about IPE/IPP from across ASHA’s publications.

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An Introduction and Case-Based Examples of Implementation in Education and Health Care Settings [PDF] This ebook helps ASHA members and students understand and participate in IPP teams. The book defines IPE/IPP and provides background about why it’s important. Using curricular and clinical examples, it explains how interprofessional practice can be incorporated into health care and school settings.
ASHA's Academic and Research Mentoring (ARM) Network  ASHA’s ARM Network programs facilitate academic and research careers in communication sciences and disorders and serve to advance the generation of research needed to support evidence-based practice, including for IPE/IPP. 

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