Understanding why interprofessional education and practice (IPE/IPP) is important is an essential first step; developing the practical skills and know-how to work on an IPP team is even better. That’s where this how-to section comes in. These resources will help you take everything you’ve learned about IPP and make it something you practice in your daily work. It is interprofessional practice, after all.

How to Set Up an IPP Team

How To: Set up and run your IPP team

This practical guide walks you through the steps of convening and facilitating an IPP team. Download our IPP rubric to help your team record your progress.

How to advocate for IPP in your workplace

How To: Advocate for IPP in your workplace

Need help convincing your colleagues that IPP means better outcomes–not more meetings? Get our talking points and explain the benefits of IPP to your manager or coworkers.

How to Work on an IPP Team as an Audiologist

How To: Work on an IPP team as an audiologist

Audiologists play an important role in addressing hearing and balance concerns. Get our tips for communicating that value and working with other professionals on an IPP team.

How to Work on an IPP team as an SLP

How To: Work on an IPP team as an SLP

Ensuring that your teammates understand what SLPs do and what knowledge you provide can be a challenge. Get our tips for advocating for yourself on an IPP team.

The Why, What, and How of IPE/IPP

How To: The why, what, and how of IPP

This webinar covers the basics of IPP and gives practical advice for fostering collaborative teams.

How to Develop Your IPP Skills

How To: Develop your IPP skills

Working on an IPP team requires skills like team facilitation and conflict resolution. This free online course will help you hone your teamwork skills.

How to Plan and Fund Your IPE/IPP Research

How To: Plan and fund IPE/IPP research

These resources will help IPE/IPP researchers define their study, secure funding, and measure outcomes.

How to plan an IPE exercise

How To: Plan IPE learning activities

This guide walks you through how to develop IPE learning experiences in academic and professional development settings.

How to writing collaborative goals for IEPs

How To: Writing collaborative goals for IEPs

Make your school's IEP process more collaborative and efficient by involving the entire team in goal creation.

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