IPE/IPP Case Studies

To understand how interprofessional practice (IPP) benefits the people we serve and helps us work better with colleagues, we need to see it in action. These case studies—involving real-life teams, patients, students, and families—feature examples of successful IPP collaboration across a variety of settings. Use these examples in the classroom or to inspire an existing IPP team.

These case studies were created by ASHA members and ASHA’s Special Interest Groups to showcase successful interprofessional education/interprofessional practice (IPE/IPP) collaboration in their area of expertise. Each case study contains a description of an IPP case as well as a completed case rubric. The rubric provides a framework for teams to plan, coordinate, and evaluate their collaborative efforts. Download the rubric and get instructions for using it [PDF].

Case Studies by Work Setting



School-based audiologists and SLPs work with students, their families, and other educators.



Private Practice

Audiologists and SLPs working in private practice bring their expertise to IPP teams.



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Higher education helps the next generation of audiologists and SLPs learn the skills to work on IPP teams.


Health Care

IPP teams help patients recover from hearing, balance, and speech issues.


Health Equity Case Studies

Health Equity

IPP teams can help address equal access to audiology and speech-language services by identifying issues and advocating for change.

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