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Interprofessional Education/ Interprofessional Practice (IPE/IPP)

As audiologists and speech-language pathologists, our goal is always to help the people we serve. Increasingly, we can’t do that alone. Changes to health care and education have made working in teams and across specialties more important than ever.

With 95% of audiologists and SLPs participating in interprofessional education (IPE) or interprofessional practice (IPP), the ability to work on an interprofessional team is now a must-have skill—no matter at what point you are in your career.

What is IPE?

What Is IPE?

IPE can range from a college class to a professional development workshop. But it always involves learning from and with people in other disciplines.


What is IPP?

What Is IPP?

Learn exactly what IPP is. (Hint: It’s not more meetings.)


Benefits of IPE/IPP

Benefits of IPE/IPP

Understand why changes in education and health care mean that many schools, clinics, and universities are incorporating IPE/IPP into the way they work.


IPE/IPP Case Studies

Case Studies

Check out real-life examples from ASHA’s Special Interest Groups that highlight how IPE/IPP teams improved outcomes for students and patients.




Get practical tips, trainings, and instructions for implementing IPP in your workplace.

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