NOMS Electronic Data Transmission

Organizations can choose to integrate NOMS data collection into their electronic medical record (EMR) to make NOMS reporting easier for clinicians.

There are two electronic transmission options:

  1. Manual build with CSV or JSON files
  2. NOMS "SMART on FHIR" app for Epic and Cerner Customers

Manual Build With CSV or JSON Files

Most audiology and speech-language documentation software is customizable. Therefore, you can easily integrate the NOMS data collection tool into the workflow to allow clinicians to enter their NOMS data directly into the EMR. Your internal information technology (IT) staff or your EMR vendor can complete the integration. It is up to your organization or vendor to determine whether your documentation system has the customization capability and whether your organization or vendor has the resources to complete the build.

With the manual build, your IT staff or vendor would first need to customize your EMR to include the NOMS data collection questions according to the file specifications, which we will provide to you upon registration. Your IT staff would also set up the data extraction process to send data to the NOMS national database on a regular schedule using either JSON or CSV files. JSON files are transmitted via web services, and CSV files can be transmitted via manual upload or via sFTP. If you elect to transmit data electronically using JSON, we expect that you have in-house web services or JSON expertise—or that you will be able to acquire that expertise. We do not provide this level of training.

Once your IT staff or vendor has completed the necessary work, you will need to complete a testing phase in order to validate your integration prior to initiating data transmission to NOMS.

Current Vendor Partnerships

ASHA has partnered with the vendors below to integrate the NOMS data collection tool into their speech-language pathology documentation system to make it easy for our mutual customers to participate in NOMS.

  • Net Health
  • IMS by MICA Information Systems

The NOMS modules seamlessly integrate within the workflow and include automatic electronic data transmission to the NOMS database. Once registered for NOMS, the vendor will activate the NOMS interface for your organization.

Note: The Functional Communication Measures (FCMs) cannot be included in an organization’s electronic documentation system unless the organization has registered for NOMS and is transmitting the data electronically to ASHA.


A NOMS “SMART on FHIR” app is available for Cerner and Epic customers. The app allows you to easily integrate the data collection tool into your documentation workflow without the need for significant IT build time. Using single sign-on authentication, the app seamlessly launches from a patient’s chart, provides clinicians with user-friendly forms to input data (some of which are pre-populated from the patient’s chart), and automatically transmits the data to the national database.

  • If you are interested in the app that has successfully integrated with Cerner, contact for more information.
  • If you are intereseted in the app that has successfully integrated with Epic, the app is available for download on Epic Showroom.

Contact with any questions related to electronic data transmission.

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