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How to Register for and Participate in NOMS

Gain the Support of Your Staff and Administration

Clinicians have the option to register their healthcare organization or school for NOMS data collection. Before registering for NOMS, gain the support of your staff and administration. NOMS is a voluntary data collection tool provided at no cost to ASHA members. In exchange for submitting data to us, you and your organization will have access to your data benchmarked against our national data.

If your facility is part of a larger health care organization or school, determine whether you will be registering one facility or two or more facilities. You are not required to register all locations; you may choose to register a few facilities and then add more locations later. Additionally, university clinic programs that would like to participate in data collection may register as a single-facility.

We recommend that whenever possible, a clinician register their organization to participate in data collection. Organizations with multiple participating clinicians tend to build larger databases quicker and the larger the database, the more reflective the outcomes will be of your practice. However, if you are unable to gain the support of your staff or administration, you can register for NOMS as an individual. On the application, enter "[Organization Name] - [Your Name]" as the name of the organization. Enter the organization's address on the application.

If you think your organization may already be registered for NOMS but you do not know who your NOMS subscriber is, contact

Can international affiliates participate in NOMS?

No. We developed the NOMS tool specifically for measuring the functional outcomes of individuals receiving audiology and speech-language pathology treatment within U.S. health care systems, which are very different from international health care systems. At this time, only eligible clinicians who are linked to a participating organization within the United States have access to NOMS.

Identify a NOMS Subscriber

Each organization must identify a subscriber—that is, the liaison for your organization and the person responsible for implementing NOMS at your organization.

To be eligible to serve as the subscriber for your organization, the audiologist or speech-language pathologist (SLP) must be certified by ASHA or the American Board of Audiology (ABA) and meet one of the membership and payment scenarios described in the table below.

Registry Certification ASHA Membership Registry Fee Required*
SLP ASHA-certified audiologist or SLP Yes No
Audiology ASHA-certified audiologist or SLP Yes No
Audiology ASHA-certified audiologist No Yes
Audiology ABA-certified audiologist Yes No
Audiology ABA-certified audiologist No Yes

*For more information on the Audiology Subscription Fee, please see the Audiology Subscription page.

The subscriber is responsible for all of the following tasks:

  • Maintaining an accurate and up-to-date list of participants and facilities for your organization
  • Ensuring the timely initiation and maintenance of data collection for your organization
  • Informing ASHA of any organizational changes that affect NOMS data collection
  • Ensuring that clinicians submit patient data on all eligible patients
  • Resolving compliance issues in a timely manner

Complete the Application

One person from your organization should complete and submit the online application.

If you are registering for the Audiology Registry and ABA-certified audiologists will be participating in data collection for your organization, review the Audiology Subscription page for information about nonmember participation in NOMS.

As part of the application process, you will need to upload a signed copy of the NOMS Agreement [PDF]. By signing the agreement and registering for NOMS, you are committing to a minimum of one year participation in NOMS. However, we hope that you will continue to collect data on an ongoing basis in order to have access to information about trends, clinical practice, and changes in the industry.

An ASHA website account is required to submit a NOMS application. If you do not already have one, please set up an account with the ASHA website. After you have set up an account, you can use your ASHA website username and password to log in to the NOMS application.

Submit NOMS Application


Add Your Facility/Facilities and Participant(s)

Once ASHA approves your application, your subscriber will receive an email with instructions on how to access the web-based NOMS tool. Regardless of your organization’s preferred data collection method, the subscriber will need to log in to NOMS to add your facility/facilities and participant(s) with the appropriate role(s). Participants can be added with the following roles:

A clinician submits their patient data to NOMS and can generate outcome reports.

To be assigned the clinician role for the Audiology Registry, all audiologists must be certified by ASHA or ABA. Payment is required for nonmembers. Please see the possible certification, membership, and payment scenarios described in the table below.
Certification ASHA Membership Registry Fee Required*
ASHA-certified audiologist Yes No
ASHA-certified audiologist No Yes
ABA-certified audiologist Yes No
ABA-certified audiologist No Yes
*For more information on the Audiology Subscription fee, please visit the Audiology Subscription page.

To be assigned the clinician role for the SLP Registry, all SLPs must be ASHA Certified Members. Clinicians currently completing their Clinical Fellowship experience are not eligible to participate in the SLP Registry.
Clinician Proxy
A clinician proxy assists clinicians with data entry. Non-clinicians and clinicians can be assigned this role type.
Subscriber Proxy
A subscriber proxy assists the subscriber with managing NOMS at your organization. Like subscribers, subscriber proxies can manage facilities, participants, and compliance issues. Unlike subscribers, a subscriber proxy does not have to meet any eligibility criteria—anyone at your organization can be assigned this role.

Participants must be added by ASHA account number. Clinician proxies and subscriber proxies who do not have ASHA account numbers must first create an account with the ASHA website. If you already have an account, you can find your ASHA account number near the top of the My Account page.

Begin Data Collection

Before beginning data collection, we require all clinicians to review the NOMS Clinician User Guide. Clinicians can access the Clinician User Guide for each registry by logging in to NOMS and clicking the "User Guide" link located at the bottom of the left navigation menu.

If your organization will be using the web-based tool to submit data, clinicians will have immediate access to the NOMS system to submit patient data once you’ve added them to your list of users. Please direct them to the NOMS tool to review the NOMS Clinician User Guide and begin data collection. Your organization must begin data collection within 90 days of registration and must submit patient data on at least a monthly basis.

If your organization has elected to transmit data electronically through your internal documentation system, we will reach out to you with the next steps. Your organization can begin electronic data transmission after you’ve completed the integration according to our file specifications and after we’ve tested your system and given you approval to begin.

For more information on NOMS data collection, visit our data collection page.

Analyze Your Outcomes

As a benefit of participating in NOMS, you and your organization have access to customized data reports through the NOMS web-based tool. The SLP reports profile patients in areas such as functional outcomes, amount of treatment time, funding, length of stay, and service delivery models. The Audiology reports allow you to track patient progress on key patient-reported outcomes (PROs) for hearing and tinnitus as well as resolution of vertigo using canalith repositioning maneuvers filtered by pertinent patient characteristics (e.g., age, degree of hearing loss, amplification status). The NOMS reports for both registries include national data for benchmarking purposes. Facilities that are a part of a larger health care or school system may register for NOMS together as a system and will receive organization data along with the national data.

Regardless of how your organization is submitting data to NOMS, the clinicians, subscribers, and subscriber proxies at your organization can log in to the web-based tool to generate outcome reports. Subscribers and subscriber proxies also have the option to download their organization’s data for additional analyses.

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