The Process of Applying for ASHA CE Provider Approval

  1. Submit an application for ASHA Approved CE Provider status. Complete the application online and pay the nonrefundable application review fee. Application review will not begin until the fee is paid. Online payment using the link provided on your invoice is preferred. Payment by check may delay the review process.

    Note: Applications will remain open in the CE Application Portal for 12 months from the last date updated by an applicant. After that time, unsubmitted applications will be removed from the portal.

  2. Application Review. Allow a minimum of 4–6 weeks for ASHA CE to review the application. ASHA CE will contact you via email on the status of your application (i.e., either Provider status is approved or additional information is requested). If you choose an expedited review, you will receive information about the status of your application within 2 weeks.

  3. Request for additional information. If ASHA CE has questions about any part of the application, you will be asked to provide additional information. You will be given access to update or add information in the online portal.

    Final request for clarification. If we continue to have questions after receiving your response, we will send an additional letter outlining our concerns. This letter will serve as your final opportunity to show how your organization will meet the ASHA CEB Requirements. Upon receipt of this second response, we will make our decision regarding approval.

  4. Application Approval. When approved, you will receive:

    • An approval letter (indicating approval for a 5-year period) from ASHA CE;
    • Assignment of a Provider Manager to your organization (as identified in your approval letter); and
    • An invoice for the CE Provider annual fee.

      Note: The Provider annual fee is a calendar year fee. ASHA does not prorate the Provider annual fee. For example, an organization approved in October must pay the annual fee for the year in which approved and will need to pay the following years’ annual fee by December 31 of the year in which approved.

  5. Provider status Activation. Your organization may begin registering courses for ASHA CEUs after the CE Provider annual fee is paid and the ASHA CE administrator has completed an orientation to the process of registering courses and reporting offerings. This orientation includes an online tutorial, as well as a comprehensive onboarding process with designated ASHA CE staff.

  6. If becoming an ASHA approved CE Provider sounds right for your organization, continue to the next step: Let Us Know More About You. Once you submit the form, you will receive a read-only version of the application and information about accessing the online application. Completing the form does not obligate you to submit an application but you will receive additional communication from ASHA CE with resources to assist you.

    Not sure? Feel free to email with any questions.

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