Praxis Examinations in Audiology and Speech-Language Pathology

The Praxis examinations in audiology and speech-language pathology assess beginning practitioners' understanding of essential content and current practices. Use the links below to find out why the exams are used as a requirement for state credentialing and ASHA certification, what the passing scores are for purposes of ASHA certification, how the exams are developed, and what content is covered.

Praxis Exam Preparation
Preparation materials for taking the audiology and speech-language pathology exams.

Praxis Exam Registration
How to register for the exam and important registration details to remember.

Praxis Scores and Score Reports
Learn how the exam is scored, how to receive or cancel your scores, and the types of score reports received by candidates and academic programs. Review the results of previous test-takers in the National Summary Reports for Audiology and Speech-Language Pathology.

How Faculty Can Help
Strategies and resources for faculty and academic programs to help prepare candidates for the Praxis exam.

Contact Information
Locate the appropriate contact information for ETS and ASHA for further assistance.

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