How Faculty Can Help

Preparing Candidates for the Praxis Exam

Your students look to you for academic and professional guidance. You can help your students prepare for the Praxis exam, an important career step for any beginning practitioner. Here are some ways to help:

  • Familiarize yourself with the test format and content.
  • Consider ways to incorporate case study multiple-choice questions into course activities and multiple-choice questions with varying degrees of complexity.
  • Give students opportunities to practice clinical problem-solving exam questions in academic classes.
  • Provide sample exam questions for each class and discuss the answers during class.
  • Request that the school's bookstore and library stock Praxis study guides.
  • Discuss the Praxis exams throughout the academic program as a certification and licensure requirement.
  • Schedule department comprehensive examinations at a time that does not conflict or compete with the Praxis examinations.
  • Help students organize study groups/review sessions.
  • Encourage students to prepare for the examination.
  • Advise students on the most appropriate time to take the Praxis exam.
  • Review the Examinee Score Report with recent test-takers.

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