Praxis Scores and Score Reports


Passing Scores

Current passing scores for purposes of ASHA certification:

  • Audiology (5343): 162* 
  • Speech-Language Pathology (5331): 162

*ASHA will continue to accept a passing score on the Praxis test (both the 5342 and 0342 test codes) if this version is required by your state’s licensing agency. The passing score on this version of the test is 170.

Scoring the Exam

  • Only questions answered correctly count toward the exam score. It is better to guess than leave an answer blank.
  • The raw points awarded are the number of correct answers. Your scaled score is computed from your total number of raw points in a way that adjusts for the difficulty of the questions.
  • Read Understanding Your Praxis Scores on the ETS website.

Receiving Your Score

ETS discusses score release dates and how to get your scores.

Score Cancellation

ETS details the conditions under which the scores may be cancelled by you or ETS.

Praxis Score Reports for Exam Candidates

ETS explains how to interpret your score report and what to do if you have questions about your scores.


  • ETS recommends that academic programs not use the Praxis exams as a student summative exam for graduation clearance.
  • Upon enrolling students, programs should contact ETS directly to ensure an attending institution/recipient code has been assigned to your program.

Praxis Score Reports for Academic Programs

Candidate Score Report
An audiology and/or speech-language pathology academic program will receive an individual candidate's score report mailed directly to the CSD program following a test administration if the student selected the academic program as a score recipient. The Candidate Score Report (also referred to as a Designated Institution Report) includes the candidate's name, score(s), pass/no pass score information, detailed content category performance, ETS Recognition of Excellence indication, background information, and educational information.

Institutional Summary Report
An audiology and/or speech-language pathology academic program will receive an annual aggregated report of exam scores mailed directly to the CSD program in November of each year. The annual report contains the highest score for that reporting period plus the test category scores from all audiology and speech-language pathology candidates who identified their attending institution. The Institutional Summary Report will be generated provided that an institution was identified by at least five candidates in the given test administration year (September through August) in connection with one or more of the examinations.

Annual Institution Delete Roster
In August of each year, an academic program will receive an Annual Institution Delete Roster. This report is a preliminary roster of all exam candidates who have selected your academic program as their Attending Institution via the A-Code and will determine the scores that will be included in the Annual Institution Summary Report. Academic programs are expected to review this report, strike (delete) any names of candidates who the program believes should not be represented in the Annual Institution Summary Report, and return the Delete Roster to ETS. Academic programs may not add exam candidate names to the roster.

National Summary Reports for Praxis Data

These reports include the most current descriptive statistics of Praxis exam scores.

See also ASHA's end-of-year member and certification data.

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