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Audiology and Speech-Language Pathology Interstate Compact (ASLP-IC)


ASLP-IC is an occupational licensure compact that:

  • Addresses increased demand to provide/receive audiology and speech-language pathology services.
  • Authorizes both telehealth and in-person practice across state lines in ASLP-IC states.
  • Is similar in form and function to occupational licensure compacts for nursing, psychology, medicine, physical therapy and emergency medical services.

ASLP-IC is operational when 10 states enact the legislation for the compact.

  • Audiologists and speech-language pathologists licensed in their home state apply for a privilege to practice under the ASLP-IC. State lines are a barrier no more!
  • ASLP-IC states communicate and exchange information including verification of licensure and disciplinary sanctions.
  • ASLP-IC states retain the ability to regulate practice in their states.


  • Increasing access to client, patient and student care.
  • Facilitating continuity of care when clients, patients, and students relocate, travel.
  • Certifying that audiologists and speech-language pathologists have met acceptable standards of practice.
  • Promoting cooperation between ASLP-IC states in the areas of licensure and regulation.
  • Offering a higher degree of consumer protection across state lines.
  • Impacts

    • Allowing licensed audiologists and speech-language pathologists to practice face to face or through telehealth across state lines without having to become licensed in additional ASLP-IC states.
    • Permitting audiologists and speech-language pathologists to provide services to populations currently underserved or geographically isolated.
    • Allowing military personnel and spouses to more easily maintain their profession when relocating.


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