Membership and Affiliation Profile

Member Data

These documents present ASHA's official membership and affiliation counts. They also present data on the demographics and employment characteristics of members and affiliates.

State-Level Data

This document presents data on the employment characteristics and demographics of ASHA member and nonmember certificate holders by state and area of certification.

State-Level Data, Year-End 2023 [PDF]

See flyers with quick facts about the professions in each state

Multilingual Service Providers

This report presents data on the demographics and employment characteristics of audiologists and speech-language pathologists who are multilingual service providers. It also presents data gathered by the U.S. Census Bureau on English-language proficiency and use.

Multilingual Service Providers, Year-End 2023 [PDF]

PhD Holders

This report presents demographic and employment data on ASHA members and affiliates who hold a research doctorate (PhD).

PhD Holders, Year-End 2023 [PDF]

ASHA Corporate Partners