Clinical Personnel Supply and Demand in Audiology and Speech-Language Pathology

The following resources present data on the number of ASHA-certified audiologists and speech-language pathologists, student enrollment and graduation, external sources of supply and demand data, incidence and prevalence figures, and workforce trends. All information is updated on an annual or biennial basis.

How data are used:

  • Preparing personnel preparation grants
  • Lobbying for new positions
  • Instituting new academic programs
  • Developing a business plan to establish a private practice
  • Allowing state associations to understand market share
  • Assisting students with Capstone projects, theses & dissertations
  • Supporting recruitment efforts
  • Informing the biennial BLS occupational outlook
  • Informing ASHA and CAPCSD initiatives undertaken on behalf of the professions

Highlights include:

  • Demographics and employment characteristics of professionals
  • Current workforce data
  • Current pipeline data
  • National- and state-level data
  • Trend data
  • Future demand projections

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