Your Child's Communication: Fifth Grade

[en Español]

By the end of fifth grade, your child should be able to do the following tasks in each area.


  • Listen and draw conclusions in different classes.


  • Make planned speeches. They should know their audience and include information for that group.
  • Deliver a speech. They should keep eye contact and use gestures and a loud voice.
  • Take part in class discussions.
  • Summarize main points.
  • Report about information from group activities.


  • Read grade-level books smoothly and with few mistakes.
  • Learn meanings of new words by looking at word origins, synonyms, and other meanings.
  • Decide what information is important when reading.
  • Read different types of text, like fiction, nonfiction, and poetry.
  • Describe how a character and a plot develop.
  • Talk about poetry and what poems might mean.
  • Study an author's language and style.
  • Use reference materials to support opinions.


  • Write for a variety of reasons.
  • Use many different words when writing.
  • Vary sentence structure.
  • Revise writing to make it clearer.
  • Edit final copies.

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