Funding for Audiology Services and Hearing Aids

Unsure about who you can contact for information about audiology services and hearing aid coverage? There are a variety of resources at the state and national level that may have answers to your questions.

Look at Your Own Health Care Plan

Read your health plan. If you do not have a copy, ask your employer's benefits manager for one. You should look for:

  • Terms like audiology, hearing care, other rehabilitation services, or other medically necessary services
  • Limitations and exclusions of coverage
  • Coverage of both evaluation and treatment (or therapy) services

If you are still not sure, ask for clarification, in writing, from your health plan.

Flexible Benefit Plans

Flexible Benefits Plan is a voluntary program that allows employees to use pre-tax dollars to pay for health and dental insurance premiums; health-related expenses that are not paid by a medical, dental or vision plan; and dependent care costs.

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