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Audiology Services and Hearing Aids

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Bank Loans for Assistive Technology

Loans for assistive technology may be available through banks (in some states) to address the needs of low to middle income persons with disabilities who desire loans to purchase assistive technology, but due to credit history or income issues would be ineligible for most traditional bank loan programs.

Health Cards

Some banks provide a separate credit line for health care expenses. As an added benefit, the audiologist or other health care provider must pay a fee to participate in the particular health card program.

Prescription Discount Cards

Some prescription discount cards include the option to purchase hearing aids from their list for a significantly reduced. They often require that you obtain audiological assessment, hearing aid evaluation, fitting and follow-up from health care providers who participate in their plan.

Leasing Programs

Leasing programs (Just like leasing a car!) may be available. They have advantages and disadvantages.


  • Low monthly payments
  • Keeps credit cards available for emergencies
  • Low up front cost
  • Easy to upgrade to newer technology every three years
  • May provide for service and maintenance


  • Leasing with third party
  • No escape, all payments must be made
  • Just like all leases
  • Can't get out of lease early

End of Lease

  • Can trade for new hearing aids
  • Roll over security deposit
  • New lease price based on price of new hearing aids
  • Can turn-in hearing aids and get security deposit back
  • Can buy hearing aids
  • Returned aids sent back to leasing company

Flexible Benefit Plans

Flexible Benefits Plan is a voluntary program that allows employees to use pre-tax dollars to pay for health and dental insurance premiums; health-related expenses that are not paid by a medical, dental or vision plan; and dependent care costs.

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