Module 4: Clinical Decision Making With Dynamic Assessment

Through a mediated learning experience (MLE), clinicians can explore emerging skills. Choose targets for those skills in which the learner demonstrated some awareness to build on existing knowledge and maximize potential for success. This process helps pinpoint intervention goals. A challenge in conducting DA is putting all the information together to make a clinical decision.

Difference or Disorder?*

language difference = low effort + high responsiveness

language disorder = high effort + low responsiveness

*All other combinations need further exploration.

How should you describe modifiability? What are indicators of language difference and language disorder? How should this information be incorporated into a clinical report?

After this course, learners will be able to

  • incorporate pre-test, post-test, and modifiability into a diagnostic report and
  • use this information to make recommendations about placement and intervention.

This course is available for CE credit (ASHA CEUs or professional development hours) as part of the ASHA Learning Pass or for a la carte purchase.


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