Tips to Elevate Your Private Practice Marketing

Cover all your bases: Make sure you have a website, at least one active social media account, business cards, and a Google business listing—and make sure you update regularly!

Join ProFind. It's free, and you'll be readily accessible to the public. If you're already in ProFind, be sure you to keep your listing updated.

Make your CCCs work for you. Download your Certified Member logo and visit to discover more resources to let prospective and current clients know that you work hard to provide services that meet the highest standards of excellence in your field.

Your clients are your best advocates. Ask for general testimonials or reviews that you can use on your website and marketing materials, and ask that they review you on popular and well-known sites, keeping in mind patient privacy.

Tap in to your community. Offer screenings at local preschools; present a talk/workshop at senior wellness events or PTSA events; do a presentation about general speech and language development at a preschool or daycare. Schedule meetings with area physicians and related providers to educate them on your professional scope.

Keep your name at the top. Send a monthly summary of patient progress to a referring doctor—your name will be in front of the doctor and staff for future referrals.

Engage with the media. It's free! Coverage by the media can build name recognition, and mention of it can strengthen and validate your advertising. Check out this member guide to working with the media. At the ASHA Press Room, sign up to be a media source for ASHA's outreach.

Check the calendar! Look out for awareness days/weeks/months—it's an easy way to tie in a social media post to educate and let prospective clients know how you can help.

Ready-mades are your friends. Get a head start by taking advantage of ready-to-go marketing materials and customizable ASHA press releases to build your own stories.

A picture paints a thousand words! Use more photos or videos, and cut down on text. Photos of real people tend to resonate more than just text.

Representation matters! Make sure that your practice—and your marketing—reflect your patient population. For example, use foods from different cultures in feeding therapy, or consider diversity in your social media posts.

Collaborate with influencers. It's an influencer's world—now! Do your research, and choose qualified and relevant influencers to reach out to. Ensure that your missions overlap and that you are both promoting to the same audiences.

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