Graduate Student Membership Discount Program for ASHA Members

Are you a current, certified ASHA member pursuing, or considering returning to school to pursue a graduate or professional degree? If you are, please take note:

If you are a current, certified ASHA member who is a full-time or part-time student pursuing a degree in CSD (or a related field) at a regionally accredited institution, you are eligible to receive ASHA's Graduate Student membership dues discount for 2024.

This special discounted dues rate will begin with your 2024 dues payment, and will be extended to each participant for a maximum of 7 years of full time or part time study.

How do you apply? Certified ASHA members must either provide ASHA with the ASHA Graduate Student Membership Discount Request Form [PDF], or a letter on university letterhead confirming that they are a full-time or part-time student in a graduate or professional degree program at a regionally accredited institution. Letters and forms must bear the signature and stamp of that institution's Office of the Registrar.

FAQs for Graduate Student Membership Category

What are the fees and requirements for the graduate student membership category for 2024?

For 2024, the graduate student fee is $135. Certified members who are enrolled in a graduate program or professional degree program and have paid member dues for at least one year are eligible to apply for this category.

Do you require any proof of graduate student status?

Yes, application for and/or verification of either full-time or part-time graduate student status must be on ASHA's form or on university letterhead using the same language as is on ASHA's Graduate Student Membership Discount Request Form [PDF]. The forms and/or letters must bear the signature and stamp of the university's Office of the Registrar. These documents can be scanned and emailed to However, if your university's office is closed, you may also email a verification of enrollment to

Can my department head, program director, or faculty advisor submit a statement attesting to my student status in lieu of the university's Office of the Registrar?

No, the signature and stamp of the university's Office of the Registrar will be accepted.

Can I join ASHA through the Graduate Student Discount Program?

No, only current ASHA certified members are eligible for the program. Eligible members must pay member dues for at least one year to be eligible.

Can I send the discount form in with my renewal invoice?

No, please do not send it the form with your renewal invoice. The invoices are actually sent to our bank where they process the payments. Additional correspondence (including the discount form) is frequently lost. You should send the form to the address printed on the form.

Is the graduate student category available for study in a field other than speech-language pathology or audiology?

Yes, a certified member enrolled in a graduate or professional degree program (including but not limited to law, medicine, education, counseling) can qualify for this discount with proper documentation.

I am not an ASHA certified member but I am a certificate holder. I am now enrolled in a graduate school program. How do I qualify?

Certificate holders must upgrade their status to a certified member for one year and then in the subsequent year are eligible for the discount.

Is there a time limit to qualify for the graduate student membership?

Yes, a certified member may qualify for a maximum of seven years, provided verification is provided.

How often do I have to provide verification?

In the first year verification is required. Periodic verification will take place in subsequent years.

I applied for the New Professional Membership Package; can I also receive the graduate student dues discount at the time of application?

Newly certified members are eligible for the graduate student discount after they have paid regular certified member dues for one year.

I applied for certification and membership this year and am now enrolled as a graduate student. Do I receive a discount when I apply for certification and membership?

Upon presentation of the documentation outlined above, a certified member will receive a discount in the graduate student category after being a certified member for one year.

Do I receive any other discounts as an ASHA graduate student?

Yes, ASHA Graduate students receive a discount for convention registration and for joining special interest groups. In addition to the discounts, Graduate student members receive the same benefits as certified members.

I just renewed for 2024 and then found out about the discount for graduate students. Can I receive a refund?

Refund requests will be accepted if made prior to the start of the membership year. No refunds are made after March 31.

Does the seven year time period have to be continuous or can it be cumulative?

The seven year period is cumulative.

I currently receive the graduate student discount. How is the seven year limitation determined?

It is based on the number of years in which the member has paid the Graduate student rate.

I have been in working on my degree for several years but just found out about the program. Can I have the discount applied to previous years' dues payments?

No, the discount is not retroactive.

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