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Continuing Education Credit for the ASHA Health Care Summit

Grand Rounds in COVID-19 Rehab

June 8–20, 2022 | Online Conference
June 25, 2022 | In-Person Workshop, MGH Institute, Boston

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We estimate you will be able to earn up to 1.95 ASHA CEUs or 19.5 professional development hours (PDHs) at the online conference. The amount of units you earn is based on the number of sessions you complete and chats you attend.

We estimate you will be able to earn 0.65 ASHA CEUs or 6.5 PDHs at the 1-day, in-person workshop. 

Online Sessions

Recorded sessions are available on demand while the online conference is in session. You may listen to them any time that fits your schedule. Each session is planned to be approximately 1 hour long. The exact duration of each one will be posted on the conference site.

Online Live Chats

Each live chat session is 30 minutes or 1 hour long. To receive credit for a chat, you must be logged in for the full time. You do not need to post a question to receive credit but you must be online.

This online conference will utilize live video chats. During each live chat, expert presenters and a moderator will address participant questions. A recording of each chat will be available for on-demand viewing. We encourage participants to attend live if at all possible, but if you have a schedule conflict, please post a question on the discussion board and then watch the chat recording before the last day of the conference. You may claim credit whether your question is addressed or not.

In-Person Workshop

Participants in the full-day in-person workshop must attend the entire daylong event to earn CE credit.


Since the online conference is packed with great information, you will have access to recorded sessions, chat transcripts, and discussion boards for an additional 2 weeks (June 21–July 4) after the conference ends! During this extension, use the archived information for reference only—sorry, continuing education credit cannot be earned after the conference ends on June 20.

Note: With the ASHA Learning Pass, conference participants can continue to access some of the conference content even after the archive period ends. This extended access is limited to the recorded presentations only; live chat transcripts, discussion threads, and additional materials are only available until the end of the archive period. 

Reporting Your Attendance

For both the online conference and in-person workshop, participants must enter your activities in the online ASHA Learning Center and complete a learning assessment to receive credit.

For the online conference, activities must be reported no later than 11:59 p.m. Eastern Time, Monday, June 20, 2022. We encourage you to report your activities after each session, but you may enter all your activities at once if you prefer. If you need a record of the activities in which you participated—or think you may need a record in the future—you must report for credit by June 20.

The system will keep a running total of the activities you have reported, allowing you to track the number of hours accrued. The system will then convert your total hours to ASHA CEUs or PDHs as appropriate. You can find detailed instructions for reporting your attendance inside the conference site.

If you are a member of the ASHA CE Registry, credits for the online conference will be reported to the Registry no later than July 15.

For the in-person workshop, participants must complete the learning assessment in the online ASHA Learning Center by 11:59 p.m. Eastern Time, Thursday, June 30, 2022. If you need a record of participation—or think you may need one in the future—you must report for credit by June 30.

If you are a member of the ASHA CE Registry, credits for the in-person workshop will be reported to the Registry no later than July 25.

If you miss the reporting deadline for either the online conference or in-person workshop because of an extenuating circumstance, see the ASHA Professional Development appeals process.

About ASHA CEUs and PDHs

ASHA CEUs and Eligibility

ASHA CEUs are awarded through the ASHA CE Registry to SLPs, audiologists, or speech/language/hearing scientists. To receive ASHA CEUs, eligible persons must join the ASHA CE Registry. Learn more about the Registry.

Joining the Registry is optional. If you are eligible to earn ASHA CEUs, but choose not to join the Registry, you may track your own professional development hours (PDHs).

ASHA Approved Provider Block - 450

This online conference program is offered for up to 1.95 ASHA CEUs (Intermediate level; Professional area)

This in-person workshop program is offered for 0.65 ASHA CEUs (Intermediate level; Professional area)

Professional Development Hours and Eligibility

Professional development hours (PDHs) are an alternative measurement unit for continuing education activities. Related professionals, SLP and audiology assistants, and others may receive PDHs.

PDHs from this conference apply toward ASHA certification maintenance. You should check with other authorities (such as state license boards or departments of education) to see if they recognize PDHs.

How ASHA CEUs/PDHs Are Calculated

Keep the following points in mind while keeping track of your ASHA CEUs/PDHs.

  • One ASHA CEU equals 10 hours of instruction.
  • One PDH equals 1 hour of instruction.
  • Both ASHA CEUs and PDHs are rounded down to the nearest half hour. So, for example, if you complete 11 recorded sessions totaling 11 hours, 38 minutes, and four live chats totaling 4 hours, you would receive 15.5 PDHs, or 1.55 ASHA CEUs.

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