ASHA Professional Development Appeals


To earn ASHA CEUs or professional development hours (PDHs) and to receive a session report/certificate of completion, participants must report their sessions and/or complete the learning assessment (exam or open-ended self-assessment question) online by the published date. If you need a record of the sessions you attended or courses you completed—or think you may need a record in the future—you must report for credit or complete the learning assessment by the published deadline.

The reporting/completion deadline for earning continuing education credit for ASHA Professional Development events and courses is clearly published for each individual program.

  • In-person events: The reporting deadline is clearly published in the conference program book and online.
  • Online conferences: The reporting deadline is clearly published online and in the conference site.
  • Other online courses: The end date is clearly published as part of the introductory materials (under "Important Information") available in the ASHA Learning Center as well as in the CE Information published in the ASHA Learning Pass and Table of Contents published on the ASHA Store.

If you do not complete the learning assessment and/or report your attendance by the reporting deadline/end date and have extenuating circumstances, you may choose to initiate an appeal, for which there is a non-refundable $50 processing fee. You may also choose to submit an appeal if you need to make a change to submitted credits after the reporting deadline/end date.

The Continuing Education Board and/or Scientific and Professional Education Board adjudicate appeals individually, and there is no guarantee they will grant an appeal in all cases. To avoid the expense and uncertainty of an appeal, it is essential for participants to report their session attendance and/or complete the learning assessment by the published deadline. 

Per ASHA's Scientific and Professional Education Board, as of March 1, 2020, ASHA Professional Development can accept appeals only for extenuating circumstances and only for 12 months from the published end date for the program. After the 12-month period has ended, ASHA Professional Development can no longer accept appeals.

Initiating an Appeal

Please follow the steps below to initiate your appeal due to extenuating circumstances:

  1. Write a formal letter requesting that your credits be awarded late. Members of the ASHA CE Registry should address this letter to the Continuing Education Board. If you are not a member of the CE Registry, please address your letter to the Scientific and Professional Education Board. Your letter must include the following:
    • Your ASHA account number
    • Name of the course or event and the dates of participation
    • The reason/extenuating circumstance for why you missed the published deadline and why you are submitting the appeal at this particular time (i.e., why your appeal should be approved)
    • For a conference or convention, attach a list of sessions you attended
  2. Enclose a check payable to ASHA for $50.
  3. Send these items to ASHA, Attn: Accounts Receivable – MS 335, 2200 Research Boulevard, Rockville, MD 20850.

ASHA Professional Development will coordinate the appeal for you. We will submit the appeal on your behalf, provide a letter of support, and let you know the outcome. This process will take 4–6 weeks from the date of receipt.

If you have questions, contact us at

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