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Changing Continuing Education Administrator Form 

The ASHA Continuing Education Administrator (CEA) is the liaison and contact person between the ASHA Approved CE Provider organization and the Continuing Education Board (CEB) and is responsible for seeing that all CEB requirements and procedures are followed.

The ASHA CE Administrator is the person charged with overseeing the ASHA Approved CE Provider’s continuing education program and is the identifiable and continuous authority designated to ensure that the organization is in compliance with all ASHA Continuing Education Board requirements.

If the Proposed CEA Is an ASHA Member

The proposed CEA can serve as the Provider’s representative without a CE Content Consultant if the candidate is an ASHA member or ASHA certificate holder and is experienced in planning/conducting continuing education courses.

If the Proposed CEA Is a Non-Member

If the CEA is neither an ASHA member nor an ASHA certificate holder, the Provider must then designate a CE Content Consultant who is an ASHA-certified speech-language pathologist; audiologist; speech, language, or hearing scientist; and/or ASHA member. The ASHA CE Content Consultant acts as a subject matter expert who plays an active role in the ASHA Approved CE Provider’s course planning, implementation, and evaluation. This individual will have access to the Course and Offering Registration and Cancellation system.

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