ASHA Assistant Benefits

ASHA-certified Assistants have access to a wide variety of resources and information needed to stay up-to-date on the latest developments and issues in the field. They also enjoy huge cost savings!

Career Building

Discover resources to help you prepare for each step of your career and search the job board on the ASHA Career Portal.


SLPAs can grow professionally by developing and achieving goals in Assist, the Assistants Mentoring program.

Networking Opportunities

Tap into the collective expertise of fellow ASHA-certified Assistants, audiologists, and speech-language pathologists through the ASHA Community.

Join exclusive Special interest Groups that focus on specific topics in speech, language, hearing, and related areas.

Connect with members and fellow certified assistants using our online Member Directory.


ASHAwire provides access to The ASHA Leader, ASHA journals, and Perspectives of the ASHA Special Interest Groups.

ASHA's Practice Portal and Evidence Maps provide resources to guide evidence-based decision-making on clinical and professional issues.


ASHA's continuing professional education opportunities including convenient self-study products, workshops, and conferences.

Money Saving Discounts

Access time and money-saving benefits, such as discounts on insurance, car rentals, hotel reservations, and office supplies, to name a few.

Save over 50% off the regular rate when registering for The ASHA Convention.

Receive significant discounts on professional development products, publications, consumer education products, and other resources in the ASHA Store.


Advocacy on the shared concerns of ASHA members and affiliates including reimbursement, health care coverage, and educational policies.

ASHA Public Relations publicizes the professions through media relations, major campaigns, and various forms of outreach.

ASHA Corporate Partners