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Build your future now! The 20 Special Interest Groups (SIGs) offer students an outstanding opportunity to build knowledge, networks, and résumés! Start your professional partnership now...before you graduate!

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Why Should Students Join an ASHA Special Interest Group?

  • Network! You get 24/7 access to a vibrant online community of seasoned professionals working in just the area that you’re interested in. Meet up with your SIG colleagues at Convention and other ASHA conferences—each SIG hosts an affiliates meeting. Collaborate, ask for advice, learn, share your insights and experience—it’s up to you!
  • Learn! Stay ahead of the game with Perspectives. The latest research and controversies, insightful analysis of key issues, and indispensable reviews—they’re all at your fingertips with Perspectives, the exclusive online scholarly review journal for the Special Interest Groups. By joining one SIG, you gain access to read Perspectives for all 20 SIGs—meaning that your own CSD library now includes nearly 6,000 archived articles and over 200 new articles published annually! Read a sampling of Perspectives articles from all 20 SIGs.
  • Save! For a $10/SIG annual fee, you receive special discounts on SIG-sponsored Short Courses at the ASHA Convention.

How much does it cost?

Student Status

$10 / SIG annually
You must be a member of National NSSLHA or an ASHA Graduate Student member to receive this special rate.

What Are Your Fellow Students Saying About ASHA Special Interest Groups?

As students and future professionals, we are always looking for ways to expand our knowledge, our networks, our resumes, and our wallets. I have found that ASHA’s Special Interests Groups (SIGs) are a simple and fantastic way to do so.

Kaci Rogers, former NSSLHA Representative
ASHA Board of Special Interest Group Coordinators

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