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SIG 1: Language Learning and Education

Psychosocial Adversity in Early Childhood and Language and Literacy Skills in Adolescence: The Role of Speech-Language Pathology in Prevention, Policy, and Practice
Pamela C. Snow 

SIG 2: Neurogenic Communication Disorders

Designing Occupational Therapy Home Programs for People With Aphasia: Aphasia-Friendly Modifications
Sarah E. Wallace, Elena V. Donoso Brown, Anna Saylor, Erica Lapp, and Joanna Eskander

SIG 3: Voice and Upper Airway Disorders

A Preliminary Study on the Need for Structured Vocal Seminars for Fitness Instructors to Prevent Voice Disorders and Improve Overall Voice Use During Instruction
Sara Davis

SIG 4: Fluency and Fluency Disorders

An Introductory Examination of Speech Disfluencies in Spanish–English Bilingual Children Who Do and Do Not Stutter During Narratives
Cristina Rincon, Kia Noelle Johnson, and Courtney Byrd 

SIG 5: Craniofacial and Velopharyngeal Disorders

Addressing the Gap in Education for Cleft Palate: A Module Training Series for Craniofacial Assessment and Treatment
Miriam Baigorri, Catherine Crowley, and Chelsea Sommer

SIG 6: Hearing and Balance Sciences: Research and Clinical Applications

Emerging Therapies and Approaches to Treat and Prevent Hearing Loss
Alaa Koleilat, Colin L. W. Driscoll, Lisa A. Schimmenti, and Gayla L. Poling 

SIG 7: Auditory Rehabilitation

Reading Outcomes in Elementary School–Age Children With Hearing Loss Who Use Listening and Spoken Language: A Preliminary Report

Sneha V. Bharadwaj and Whitney Barlow

SIG 8: Public Health Audiology

Prevalence of Self-Reported Depression Symptoms and Perceived Anxiety Among Community-Dwelling U.S. Adults Reporting Tinnitus
Kelly M. Reavis, James A. Henry, Lynn M. Marshall, and Kathleen F. Carlson

SIG 9: Pediatric Hearing and Hearing Disorders

Examining Caregiver Knowledge of Shared Book Reading Practices for Infants and Toddlers Who Are Deaf or Hard of Hearing: A Pilot Study
Kelly Farquharson and Carolyn Babeu

SIG 10: Issues in Higher Education

Holistic Admissions: From Paper File to Live Interview
Alison R. Scheer-Cohen, Lori Heisler, and Suzanne Moineau

SIG 11: Administration and Supervision

Importance of Cultural Competence in Supervisory Relationships
Anu Subramanian

SIG 12: Augmentative and Alternative Communication

Improving Outcomes for Hospitalized Patients Pre- and Post-COVID-19
Richard R. Hurtig, Rebecca Alper, Tami Altschuler, Sarah Gendreau, Jessica Gormley, Sarah Marshall, Rachel Santiago, and Stephanie Scibilia

SIG 13: Swallowing and Swallowing Disorders (Dysphagia)

Risk Feeding: An Australian Pediatric Palliative Care Perspective
Claire Radford, Jeanne Marshall, Anthony Herbert, Helen Irving, and Kelly Weir

SIG 14: Cultural and Linguistic Diversity

Toward More Inclusive Gender Identity Measurement in Speech, Language, and Hearing Practice and Research
Brandon Merritt

SIG 15: Gerontology

The Geriatric Swallow: Through Thick and Thin
Amanda Fazakerly and Nogah Nativ

SIG 16: School-Based Issues

Capturing a Moment in Time: A Survey of School-Based Speech-Language Pathologists' Experiences in the Immediate Aftermath of the COVID-19 Public Health Emergency
Lesley Sylvan, Erica Goldstein and Megan Crandall

SIG 17: Global Issues in Communication Sciences and Related Disorders

The Importance of the Working Alliance in the Treatment of Cluttering
Hilda Sønsterud

SIG 18: Telepractice

Telepractice for Adult Speech-Language Pathology Services: A Systematic Review
Kristen Weidner and Joneen Lowman

SIG 19: Speech Science

Computer-Assisted Challenge Point Intervention for Residual Speech Errors
Tara McAllister, Elaine R. Hitchcock, and José A. Ortiz

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